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35 Reviews for ADR Builders, Ltd.

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Relationship: Client
Project Date: April 2018
Project Price: more than $100,000
I’m sure the other reviews for ADR are accurate, but in my case – they didn’t deliver what was contractually promised, and vanished the second they got in over their heads.

Before hiring them - please feel free to reach out to me. I will be happy to forward our email exchanges.

The full story - I had an architect design an addition to my home, down to the finishes and fixtures. I gave ADR far more detail then most typically receive at the beginning of a project. Despite handing ADR this level of detail, they asked for thousands of dollars up front, for mechanical engineering plans, and to do their own plans. To ADR’s credit they provided a detailed initial estimate.

Several meetings and several months later they sent me a terse email with a new budget that contained far less detail than the initial estimate, and a price tag that had ballooned to 60% higher than their (And everyone else’s) original figure.

When I asked them why the number had gone up so much they said it was because the job would require lots of materials… doors and windows… did they not think I would want it built out of wood and have doors and windows before?

I reminded them that I was promised actionable plans for my thousands of dollars - and they sent me what they had. The county refused to pass a permit on ADR’s unfinished plans, and their own mechanical architect refused to stamp the plans: “I have serious concerns about the lateral stability of their design”.

My guess is that they couldn’t figure out how to solve this lateral stability issue, so they gave me a go away number and ran.

I waited to write this review until after the job was completed with another firm. This other firm went back to the original architect’s plans, and created mechanical engineering drawings that were vastly superior. The job was completed well within our original budget and on time. Now that I know the job was possible within our budget, I decided to write this review.

When I asked ADR if they thought it was fair that they were keeping my money, despite not giving me any actionable value, they said: Sometimes things don’t work out, the money’s gone, no refunds.

That wasn’t my question, ADR.

While I’m sure they can handle simple bathroom remodels, I’d urge you to reach out to me for our email exchanges before considering them for anything significant.

In general though, do you want to work with someone who doesn’t lean in when there’s bumps along the way?