Aquatech Pools GC, Inc
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3 Reviews for Aquatech Pools GC, Inc

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Relationship: Client
Project Date: July 2016
Project Price: $10,000 - $49,999
We signed our contract in July of 2017. They were supposed to start the project in mid September. the project did not start till mid November.. I would call and they would state " we will be there on this date at this time ". They never showed up or called. then they kept saying that the hurricane had put them behind. When they finally started the work they would come work till maybe noon or 1 pm leave and not come back. when they were getting ready to finally replace the tile in the pool they stated that the tile we had chosen was the wrong kind and it would cause the pool to leak. So we went to the store and picked new tile. This then took several weeks to come in.They were coming usually once a week to work on the pool for a couple of hours then leave. Christmas came with two weeks off. They finally got the new pavers laid in January, then the new cage went up. then it was a couple of weeks before we seen them again. We then at this time began to call then frequently and more work began to get completed. When they were cleaning the pool and sanding the inside they never covered the main drain. Now it runs very slowly. They also never acid washed or treated the new concrete lining prior to filling with water. while they were installing the new lining they removed the two lights. they worked prior to that and now do not work. They told me to I had to hire an electrician to fix the lights and we would have to pay an additional cost. it was in the contract that they were to place all chemicals in the pool and balance it. All they did was dump seven bags of pool salt in a heap at the bottom of the steps and leave never to return and balance the pool. After six week took a water sample to a local pool company. when I got there they tested it. They then asked for another water sample for retest. It came back HORRIBLE!!!!! No Calcium, no chlorine, no stablizer, PH was so high they had me place a large amount of acid in. After that it was still high and had to add additional amount of acid and the pool is still not balanced as of this date but better. They never picked up there "mess" . We had screws, pipes, cracked and broken pavers, lumps of either cement or grout and tools laying all over. Before we could mow our grass this had to be picked up and cleaned.
This company makes their product look good but workmanship, communications, and dependablility are horrible!! The Owner of the company also threatened me with not finishing the pool because I was calling and complaing all the time and she wanted ALL her money NOW. Sure they have good prices but at this time I think that I would of paid more to get a better quality job. By they way it is now eight months and we can finally swim in our pool. The date today is April 2,2018. The small things need to be complete and we have a worker here today and one coming tomorrow to hopefully to finish the job an hopefully fix the light so that they work correctly. This is nuts. would not recommend this company to anyone.