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8 Reviews for Blueline Architects p.c.

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Relationship: Client
Project Date: July 2013
Project Price: more than $100,000
As a two-time client of Ken Bridges, I can attest to his utmost expertise, professionalism and attention to personal detail. Ken first designed the addition to our business which was a challenge in and of itself. We requested he design a somewhat modern nave to our 100+ year old church in order to add 900 square feet of retail space to our retail store. Ken's design was a complementary, contemporary design that melded the old with the new by employing the cathedral windows of the church into the curved walls of his new design, which are also adjacent to a modern entry of a glass garage door. Our space exceeded our expectations in terms of style and utilitarian measures, meanwhile strengthening the friendship between Ken, my husband and me.

As a result, we asked Ken to design our primary home on a .5 acre lot in East Vail. Our request was a contemporary home with 360 degree views, a 3 bed/3 bath and 3 car garage without taking out any of the mature pines and aspens on the lot. Ken was always well-prepared when presenting our proposals to town managers and as a result we never ran into denials. As the structure went up, it drew unending attention from passersby for its unusual silhouette of steel, glass and cantilevered decks, which consequently hasn't stopped since we moved in. Our space has elevated ceilings, surrounding glass from floor to ceiling, concrete floors, assymetrical lines and angles in worktops and rooflines, all of which incorporate a balance of natural and industrial materials. Ken is a true visionary with unending concepts that I believe will transcend our time, yet still meld with today's ideas and styles.

On a personal note, our friendship with with Ken and his family have strengthened throughout the construction of our house and business, which speaks loudly of Ken's character. He remained very involved throughout both projects, quietly overseeing that all details were being built to his specs, and readily tweaking concepts to fit our needs as things evolved.

Whomever is looking to engage Ken in designing their project will not only a get a true creative genius, but someone who is conscientious and truly caring on a personal level. We feel like our home is not only a design, but a work of art in which we get to reside, and Ken has become one of our closest personal friends as a result.