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13 Reviews for Carpentry Unlimited, Inc.

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Relationship: Client
Project Date: July 2014
Project Price: $50,000 - $100,000
I have used Carpentry Unlimited for a few jobs now, the biggest of which were a garage addition and a new master bathroom. The garage was added in 2010-11. It was important to us that the garage look integrated into the house and not like an addition. There were several things that impressed us about CU: first and foremost the quality and caliber of the work and the attention to detail in the construction. Our friends and neighbors can't believe the garage addition is actually a garage! Inside it looks like a finished room. Neighbors told us it looked like the garage was always there, so we know that CU helped us to capture our goal. We also had cabinets built for inside the garage and they were extremely well done. Second, all of the sub-contractors were excellent in terms of the quality of their work, their suggestions and their attention to detail. Richie Powers, the plumbing sub, is so good that when we give tours of our house we always show them the mechanical room as the pipe and plumbing work looks like a work of art! Third, the price for the amount of work done and the caliber of the work, we thought was very fair. For the initial job we sought bids. CU was in the middle of the pack, but we felt we were going to get better service from them and we did. Doug Alderman, the owner, was always available when we needed him. He met with us on Saturday mornings because my husband and I both worked during the week. At the time we added the garage, we converted the house from fuel oil to natural gas, installed a generator and also re-did the family room with a flat screen digital HD TV and state of the art sound system. We were trying to run the fuel oil down so the tank could be removed, and one morning in the dead of winter we succeeded...and had no heat. I texted Doug and literally in 15 minutes he was at the house with a solution...on a Sunday morning. The master bathroom is stunning and was completed during the summer of 2014, and I took a lot of suggestions from Doug. It was easy for him to work through issues about how to address certain aspects of the construction so it looked good. I have never been steered wrong with Doug's suggestions. He rebuilt the back porch for us in a day as the back porch was used as our preferred means of entering and exiting the house. It was done in a day so we weren't inconvenienced. I wasn't planning on replacing the porch, but Doug saw something that wasn't right...and were were about 3 days from someone falling through it because of the dry rot found underneath it. For all the things said, I tried to be a good client, and to get the most out of CU here is what I did: 1) when a decision had to be made, I made it quickly after getting the alternatives from Doug, 2) I took notes during meetings and emailed a copy of them to his office manager, Kim, who made sure Doug had them, 3) when I got a bill I reviewed it right away, submitted any questions I had and then paid with within 24 hours. The most important thing is that I put a lot of time in up front discussing with Doug what I wanted and making sure the contract reflected every detail. For the last contract I appended, and Doug accepted, our email correspondence to document what I wanted. I made sure that I made as many decisions as I could before demo-ing started because making decisions on the fly leads to mistakes and overspending. I was very happy with CU; I enjoyed working with the entire Staff, I've missed them now the job is complete, and was thankful that when I came home every night my house was neat as a pin and construction mess was substanitally minimized. Finally, in every job mistakes get made. Everyone is human. Some of them were even mine! Doug always kept a level head, and worked the problem. He stood behind is work, and if it was a CU error, it just got fixed. If it was mine, I didn't get raped financially on the solution. I intend to use them again...but pssst...don't tell my husband...he doesn't know yet what I have planned! I am happy to speak with you if you have specific questions. you can reach me through CU.
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