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15 Reviews for Clark | Richardson Architects

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Relationship: Client
Project Date: October 2015
Project Price: more than $100,000
I love Clark Richardson (CR). April and Ed are just straight out wonderful to work with. Hiring them to build our new home was a great decision. They are hard workers and responsive to our questions and requests, have fantastic attention to detail, are creative problem-solvers and above all-- do beautiful, well-engineered, unique architectural work. They have been excellent guides for the entire building process including permits, expectations, budgets, hiring the contractor, and everything else. Super comprehensive.

First I need to say, my husband and I have been in our same 866 square foot home for 30 years with little change to the house. And believe me, there was reason to change. We have had no dishwasher, no central A/C, no closet space, and two children (a boy and a girl). This lack of movement is due in large part to my anxiety around the remodeling process and the stories you hear (literally on the street) about delays, lack of sticking to a budget and timeline, and all the many unknowns you hear from seasoned re-modelers. I was extremely scared--worse than going through a haunted house or one of those wacky themed roller coasters that turn you upside down.

It has not been that way with Ed and April. They have really guided us through the process and helped us with all the decisions construction of a new home requires. And because of this thoroughness, expertise, and transparency, April and Ed have made the project manageable and low stress--always helping us with the details. I am so happy we hired them as our architects.

We discovered Clark Richardson on the homes tour in our neighborhood. I loved the remodel they had done--it was gorgeous and had also won several awards. During the tour, I got to speak with Ed, and immediately noticed how easy he was to talk with. This ease of communication has continued throughout our project with both Ed and April.

I recommend Clark/Richardson wholeheartedly to anyone who is considering a new build or a remodel. I will definitely hire them again if a need ever arises, and it just might now since I can see (because of them) the home design and construction process is not so bad.
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