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25 Reviews for Demetriades + Walker

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Relationship: Client
Project Date: September 2009
Project Price: more than $100,000
Elizabeth Demetriades and Patrick Walker designed my Painting Studio in Roxbury Conn. in the fall of 2009. They had visited the site following some preliminary conversations on the telephone and upon arriving I had a very good feeling about their level of expertise and their sensitivity to the spatial issues on my hillside property.

I liked the way they went about things - they were very good listeners and also quite good at assessing the flow of my property and the relationships between various buildings that dot the site, i.e. : house, guess cottage, free standing barn, in ground pool, etc…… and their considerations about how a New building would interact with those already in place, as well as the awareness of how spaces between all buildings would work with the addition of a new structure. In other words, there was a near musicality to the way they thought, and ultimately the way that they designed the studio. Everything was relational.

The results were superb.

The final studio design had plenty of natural light, lots of interior free space, and terrific views of my rolling hills and old oak trees. And yet there was enough wall space to allow for paintings to lean and be viewed as one worked on them.

In addition the building sits very beautifully on the upper hillside of my property. The rolling hills move right up to the entrance door / sans walkway or stone steps or anything that would break the flow. It almost feels like the structure was dropped into place exactly where it was meant to be.

Poetry in Architecture.
Relationship: Client
Project Date: August 2010
Project Price: more than $100,000
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