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42 Reviews for Fireside Hearth & Home

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Relationship: Client
Project Date: December 2015
Project Price: $1,000 - $9,999
I got my Voyageur Grand about two months ago. The dimensions are very precise so please make sure you measure correctly. I had to make some modifications to the hearth for both fit and local regulations.
This stove really kicks out the heat.
The larger fire box is nice since I already had cut my wood at 18 inches
No way on this planet you can get 12 hours of burn time
If your wood is not SUPER aged, you will be unhappy with this stove
Very difficult to get the fire started (even with small kindling)
Very smoky every time you open the door (unless there is a raging fire in the box)

I have oak that was cut and split 11 months ago. I have been having issues with the glass getting really smoked up. The smoke shield they talk about will not help if your wood is not aged a minimum of 24 months (according to the sales person).
They also said my fire is "too cold" meaning that I need to keep both the bottom and top flue open at all times shortening my burn down to about 3 hours even with oak. When I work with both the top and bottom flue's, I can still only get a maximum of 4.5 hours off of a burn. I believe that the 12 hours they suggest is just a total fallacy and is not possible.
I am pretty frustrated having to clean the glass every day. I live in Minnesota and burn constantly throughout the winter so having to do this every day after spending six grand on this stove is not cool.
I also asked my sales person to send out a technical person to figure this out since I thought the glass was getting smoked up since there is not enough draft. I asked three times for this and have now given up. I will try to wait this out and put up a lot of wood to make sure it is aged enough. Only time will tell if this is the answer (God willing).
I keep asking myself if I had to do this over again, would I? I guess I will need to wait to see how things turn out with super aged wood. I sure hope so...