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Review by Vendorine Blake Verified Buyer
Review by HU-785312222 Verified Buyer
Review by nyadegar1343 Verified Buyer
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Review by jrpoll Verified Buyer
Fabulous service
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Review by Eighty One Concepts, LLC. Verified Buyer
Great communication and very prompt delivery sooner than expected.
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Review by Jeremy Friedel Verified Buyer
Wouldn’t take back damaged item. Houzz didn’t help either. Would give them a 1 star too. Buyer beware!
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Review by stefani peabody Verified Buyer
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Review by Tracy VanBibber Verified Buyer
HORRIBLE service - so disappointed!! wayfair has worked with me due to construction not being done but HOUZZ charged me $55 for a 15 minute shipping change! wrong!!!!!!!!!!!! Got a UHAUL and had to move it myself
Review by Ashot Vardanyan Verified Buyer
Review by Kathy Eldridge Verified Buyer
Received the product in good time. But the picture didn't fully warn me that the piping on these bar stools is very prominent and cheapened the look. The "crystals" are not clear and sparkly and look fairly cheap. When I requested a return from Houzz, they let me know that the 3rd party seller was requiring $72.44 for shipping cost to return it. I had no idea from the return info that it would cost that much. It will be deducted from my refund from Houzz. It was a disappointing experience all around. I had such great hopes. If an item works, great. But returning items that don't meet expectations is costly.
Review by Reena Madhok Verified Buyer
Review by schenk_dave Verified Buyer
Great company to work with! It only took a total of EIGHT days, from California to Florida, from the time I ordered a table until I received it in perfect condition. They contacted me before sending to make sure I understood the product, and to confirm shipping method. I definitely recommend Furniture Import & Export Inc.
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Review by cjbright Verified Buyer
Happy with the chairs. Wasn’t happy that shipper required a signature. That turned into a hassle for those of us who work.
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Review by Randy Thomas Verified Buyer
Quick shipping!
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Review by Marie Hill Verified Buyer
Review by michaelpanepento Verified Buyer
Bed arrived, we unboxed it & it was missing 2 side panels for the headboard. Very upset. Sent email to company.
Review by bcrjulie Verified Buyer
Review by Tatyana Steblovskaya Verified Buyer
Review by HU-564279791150467 Verified Buyer
After waiting for the product to become available, it seems what was shipped was returned from a previous sale. One of the chairs parts were unwrapped and its hardware pack open and parts scattered throughout the large box with two pieces not found that forced me to improvise by buying them from Home Depot.
Review by Hyunsil Cho Verified Buyer
thank you so much
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Review by Alexa Rae Liccio Verified Buyer
I was really excited to have this piece arrive but there was a lot of confusion with the shipping method. The company uses a freight shipping method and they only do curb-side shipping for a piece that is over $1,000.00. If you want the piece of furniture to be brought into your home its an additional $400.00 - $500.00. After I purchased the item, I spoke to the company selling it and received tracking almost immediately. I kept tabs on the website and it stated the estimated delivery date was August 20... that day had come and gone and I never received a phone call from the freight company OR the company that I bought the vanity from. I had to call the company at least 5 times before they discovered that the furniture I ordered was missing. When I requested a full refund they begun processing immediately but also called back to say they had found the piece. I ended up getting the refund and purchasing a different piece from a different company that does not use a freight shipping method.
Review by Southern Luxe Design Group Verified Buyer
Chairs came before expected date. Great shipping. No concerns. All delivered as expected
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Review by Debbie Scroggy Verified Buyer
Ordered 2 bar stools - the crystals were uncomfortable to sit on and stools were too small for my purposes so I returned them. Seller charged over $75 for return shipping on an original order price of $216 with free shipping. Buyer beware. I will not buy from this company or from HOUZZ again.
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Review by Werth Environmental Design LLC Verified Buyer
Received letter stating each piece inspected. Fabric frayed and nailhead missing Company was cooperative and replaced bad parts
Review by nancymarilyn287 Verified Buyer
The chair arrived in good condition. Speedy delivery! I received an email with specific instructions from the seller. Thanks for your service!
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Review by Jessica Askew Verified Buyer
Everything happened as it was supposed to so no complaints. The only issue was with the freight company that delivered it, but it was really just a miscommunication on their end & we had to reschedule. Our neighborhood won't allow for an 18 wheeler to fit through, so they had to put it on a smaller truck & reschedule. No big deal though.
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Review by HU-54409822979 Verified Buyer
I ordered this table and chairs and I love this set. I also ordered 2 additional chairs to seat 6. There were a couple of problems with a few of the chairs but Houzz customer service was very supportive to fix the problems so i was very happy. I would recommend Houzz to everyone.
Review by Mario Pineda Verified Buyer
Review by HU-745447947 Verified Buyer
Review by Sarah Mott Verified Buyer
Very professional quality service!
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Review by dwilliamsre Verified Buyer
Review by Jorge Cordero Verified Buyer
Review by stephanieruzgis Verified Buyer
One guy delivers a 200# piece of furniture. Will not help you bring it in the house and it’s on a wooden crate. I would’ve paid extra to have them take the furniture out of the box bring it in my house and haul the box/crate away.
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Review by behappy100 Verified Buyer
Review by dianalovin Verified Buyer
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Review by Amy U Verified Buyer
Review by Wendy Ferguson Verified Buyer
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Review by dorync Verified Buyer
I have reached out to the seller about the problem with the fabric on the dining room chairs. We paid over $1300 for the Ava 7 piece set and then paid over $400 for white glove service to assemble the set. The seller worked hard to get it to us as quickly as possible and that is appreciated. However, there is a problem with the fabric on the chairs and they have not helped us resolve this. The fabric is so silk (which we did not know) and is so delicate and stains amazingly easily. We are two adults and it is not like we have a family of small children. The seller told us after the fact to apply a fabric protector. We did that and it continued to stain the fabric. We brought in a professional cleaner and they had to take the chairs to their facility to clean the fabric and the apply a fabric protector. It will cost us $708 to do this. We asked them to pay for this cost (and it doesn't even address the inconvenience of having the chairs removed for cleaning and protection). I am extremely disappointed and upset about the cost, the inconvenience, the lack of information about the need to protect the fabric until after the fact, and hassle.
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Review by Adrian Rivero Verified Buyer
Review by Vic Vanison Verified Buyer
Review by Craig Cegielski Verified Buyer
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Review by Stephanie Brennan Verified Buyer
Perfection! Can you tell me the name of the woman that helped me with my purchase? She was amazing and I’d like to work with her again!!!! (I’ve misplaced her name and number)
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Review by Lorraine Vinci Verified Buyer
Review by ruthotero26 Verified Buyer
Review by thailiao properties Verified Buyer
cheaply made veneer top on particle boards, completely cracked up at various places during shipping. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT, seller not willing to replace as I'm outside of the 5 day return policy. Doing our house renovation and did not open and inspect it within the time frame. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY.
Review by rarartist Verified Buyer
Review by sheather34 Verified Buyer
Review by allmas17 Verified Buyer
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Review by hasmukh60 Verified Buyer
I cancelled my order right away and still fighting for refund of shipping portion. So many department and persons. No body is responsible so stay away from this company
Review by Serguei Soukharev Verified Buyer
missing some part, called support. promised to ship.
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