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Relationship: Client
Project Date: April 2016
Project Price: $10,000 - $49,999
In early 2015, Glenn refinished all of my dark black cabinets (kitchen and 2 bathrooms) to a beautiful fresh light color with a warm glaze. The finish is impeccable and better than factory perfect. The project was cleaned up at the end of each day allowing me to still use the kitchen and bathrooms while work was in progress. The work was finished on time and even better than promised. (Update: the finish on these cabinets is as perfect as the day he finished - not a single imperfection with over 18 months of use)

Earlier this year he did a trompe l'oeil faux finish on my elevator doors. it looks like there are moldings and raised panels. The detail is so incredible that guests think it is a real wood door. Love it!

Also, my lobby walls and one interior wall had previously met with an unfortunate faux finish from another artist. I thought I would have to remove the walls and put up new drywall. But ... Glenn to the rescue! He created a unique and beautiful treatment to cover the previous work and it is gorgeous.

Also this year, I purchased a desk and when it arrived, the finish on the desk was not quite as pictured online. It had a lot more gold undertones than my "silver" and gray interior could handle. No problem for Glenn! He took the desk away and when it came back it was a work of art! I couldn't be happier with it. He is a perfectionist and a professional. You will not be disappointed. He has my highest recommendation.

Note: The project cost estimate below includes all of the above projects.
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