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17 Reviews for Growsgreen Landscape Design

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Relationship: Client
Project Date: October 2013
Project Price: $50,000 - $100,000
Working with Beth is the best thing we have done to improve our home since buying it in 2011. She transformed our front, back, and side yards into beautiful and functional spaces that I never could have dreamed of on my own. We have a small front yard with a slope and about 12 stairs leading up to the front door--where previously there was a mish mash of plantings, she created a grassy hill and planted olive trees so that now it looks lush, beautiful, much more spacious, and it provides privacy and lovely views from our living room windows. Our back yard previously lacked a focal point, lacked interest, and had an ugly deck. Beth designed a beautiful space with an inviting, highly functional deck, which completely has transformed how we use our yard. We have a covered sand box built into the deck, storage for toys inside the benches, and a new sense of openness and flow from our back and side-doors (and ingeniously improved access to our basement). Now we love to eat outside on the built-in ipe table (which previously was an area of clutter). With the use of planters, we now have a blueberry patch, strawberry patch, blackberry patch, and veggies and herbs that the kids love to forage. Beth has created beauty and cohesiveness in our yard, and it perfectly reflects all that I could have hoped for but was unable to articulate. She also was very patient, responsive and involved in all stages of the design development (and as we saw the wonder of her work unfold, we kept adding on more projects we wanted her to help us with:). She is a true artist, exceptionally talented, and she brings her highest focus to making one's home a sanctuary reflective of one's idealized space. Thank you, Beth! I am so grateful to have worked with you!