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22 Reviews for Design MACS

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Relationship: Client
Project Date: March 2019
Design Macs should change its name to Design Miracles! If you want to work with a designer who listens and understands what you want, even if you don’t know what you want, and can translate that into a space that is incredibly special, practical and livable, Marissa is the one. What’s also great is that regardless of her own individual taste, she is incredibly talented at bringing out the look that is perfectly perfect for you.

I so appreciated that Marissa was able to figure out what my style was and to translate that into a beautiful vision for my home. I knew I had eclectic tastes, but I didn’t have any idea what a starting point was for us to talk about the design of the many rooms we were renovating.

I was so excited when Marissa looked through the magazine clips of colors, fashion, art, and “looks” I liked that I handed to her, then walked around my house, and said confidently that she knew exactly what my style was: “Hollywood regency.” I had no idea that was even a thing, but I knew she had totally nailed my style when she explained it’s a little art deco, a little glam, a little French, a little Palm Springs, and a little Chinoiserie.

As another example of Marissa’s talent for knowing her clients’ taste, I was in search of a fun powder room wallpaper that was beautiful, happy, playful, and that would delight my future grandchildren. Of thousands of wallpaper samples, Marissa eyed one that she knew was exactly what I would want. She brought me a sample, and I didn’t have to peruse any others. Again, she nailed it! As further proof, a little girl recently came to our house and we told her to look at the powder room wallpaper. She entered the room and her jaw dropped with glee. Mission accomplished.

Another fabulous talent of Marissa’s is her ability to suggest details that accomplish a finishing touch. Borders and bull nose on tiling, coordinating front and back of a chair fabric, fun trim on runners and window treatments, mixing crystal pulls and polished nickel on cabinetry, edging on counters, crown molding, just to name a few. I never would have been able to envision the exciting, refining details that truly work to make the space special.

Another highlight is that Marissa also delivered on my requirement of practicality and livability. I wanted our home to be easy upkeep so we could create a beautiful sanctuary for my husband and myself as well as a magnet for kids and grandkids to spend time, hang out, cook together, relax and have fun. That being said, I never wanted to accomplish that at the expense of the glam/wow factor. It’s wow alright! A big spectacular wow!

Marissa brought all the elements of all the rooms together into a beautiful cohesive whole. Everyone who sees the new spaces are blown away. From the kitchen cabinets, to the counterpoint color of the island, the counter tops, the lighting fixtures, hardware, sinks, faucets, vanities, mirrors, flooring, windows, backsplashes, floor tiling, wood floor, table, chairs, fabric, runners, doors, doorknobs, paint colors, wallpaper and more, I trusted Marissa to pinpoint and help me narrow down beautiful choices. I would have been in total overwhelm if I had to find and coordinate everything and figure out proportions and measurements needed for this renovation on my own. There were so many details that were not merely design but had architectural and important functionality attributes such as dealing with wall placement or removal, cabinet placement and the insides of cabinet configuration, and so much more. And I never would have been able to work with and give clear direction to contractors and subcontractors on my own, the way Marissa did. Instead of the renovation being a drag, working with Marissa, and also her husband Ariel, was fun!

I love, love, love the results! I love, love, love my house.

Princess Diane von Brainisfried