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Review by Fred Borth Verified Buyer
Carefully packed but easy to get into.
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Review by strideover Verified Buyer
The item arrived on time and was extremely well packaged
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Review by ksimmons2027 Verified Buyer
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Review by Tiffany Wei Verified Buyer
Review by danandfran Verified Buyer
all was good
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Review by Designs of Elegance Verified Buyer
Review by didita74 Verified Buyer
Great Design, very good communication and job of the driver. Happy with the item. Thank you!
Review by Joey Delugo Verified Buyer
Bed came damaging the first time, the wrong color the second time, and damaged the third time. It’s been over four months since I ordered it, and we are still trying to get it right. Houzz customer service has been excellent. This bed is coming from Europe, so be aware.
Review by Deketa Shanaye Verified Buyer
Review by jolantav67 Verified Buyer
Review by Farley Hogsniffer Verified Buyer
Quick delivery even over the holidays. Good communication on delivery, and very well packed. Nothing damaged.
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Review by biglee Verified Buyer
This was a beautiful rug that arrived quickly without any damage. I returned it because it was not complimentary to my furnishings in the room and was too small. The return was without problems and I received an email indicating that my account would be credited. I would purchase from this seller again.
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Review by Rebecca Wenden Verified Buyer
Review by kittenhatscalet Verified Buyer
Review by Ciara Christine Verified Buyer
I am so upset. I ordered this rug and stored it because the room it was to go in wasn't complete yet and the rug was on sale. I pulled it out tonight and it's a very used rug. There is an actual PEE SPOT ON THIS RUG. Like, the hell? I cannot believe it. This seller, and this rug, is so sketch. AVOID!
Review by Stanley Chow Verified Buyer
Review by Christina Hulstrand Verified Buyer
Review by Dawn Norvell Verified Buyer
Chairs nicely packed and arrived in a timely matter
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Review by Arshad Khan Verified Buyer
Review by Mary Dwight Verified Buyer
Review by valeriebrady47 Verified Buyer
Review by judy rabitcheff Verified Buyer
Review by pennypickett28 Verified Buyer
I Have had much better experiences in the last several months with Houzz then I did the first couple of years. I think things of changed considerably for the better and I continue to look on Houzz now for a lot of things
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Review by k1m0 Verified Buyer
The customer service people at HOUZZ are amazing! They are all so courteous and professional.
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Review by HU-745411641 Verified Buyer
Review by Vansky Jean Verified Buyer
We’re happy with the furniture . Thanks!
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Review by maryjacobsen Verified Buyer
Review by lou rose Verified Buyer
Review by Helen Choo Verified Buyer
Although shipping time was 30 minuets late, delivered at 8:30 PM, the driver was sincere, respectful and cared my sofa like his own. The customer service was wonderful. I got disconnected, and called again. It was well worth to talk with them. She far, I am satisfied with the product. I will be buying more goods and services from Hauzz from now on.
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Review by Natasha Grant-Jones Verified Buyer
Took wayyy to long to ship to my house and never received a tracking number at all even after I contacted Houzz , when I finally received the chairs the box was slightly open and very beat up, I was missing an entire pack of screws for 1 chair which most likely fell out the open box... I ended up having to run to Lowe’s spending $20 on screws because I had guess coming to my home and wanted chairs to my table. The overall chair looks great and feels great to sit in and I would have given 5 stars for the actual chair but I wouldn’t want to order from this company SohoMod again. I had no way to contact them but through Houzz and that’s ridiculous, you would think by me spending $710 on chairs that the customer service for the company SohoMod would be much better with reaching out and keeping their customers informed and have a better shipping process.
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Review by nmdesilva Verified Buyer
Review by Rachel Katz Verified Buyer
The sectional is too short. When I called to ask a person told me that I can always order another two chairs for this sectional to make it longer. I was contemplating between the longer or the shorter sectional. Long story short- the sectional is too short- I need either to return it or order another two chairs to mach in the middle of it. Please call Monday-
Review by Renae Swenson Verified Buyer
Review by gsbusa Verified Buyer
Review by Rachel Penabella Verified Buyer
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Review by glb_sbb Verified Buyer
I’m disappointed at the turn around time that it takes to receive the correct merchandise, we received the incorrect merchandise and we have to wait until they find out what was sent to us which we were told takes 3-5 days. This order was placed on 3/30/18, it seems to me that a simple phone call to the delivery company should take care of finding out what was sent to shorten the turn around time. I’m still waiting and right now I am not a fan.
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Review by acdscuba Verified Buyer
I love it! It took 2 months to get, so be prepared. For me, it was worth the wait.
Review by Jeff Armstrong Verified Buyer
I ordered the wrong height barstools (user error*) and SohoConcepts helped me out without question. Shipped the wrong bases back and they sent correct ones within one week. Super friendly and professional. (*when I realized my mistake I dreaded having to exchange them...thought it would be a hassle)
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Review by Bozene Palmquist Verified Buyer
Review by murphy6787 Verified Buyer
The item had not been delivered!!! Please contact me! No one is calling me back.
Review by veenabhupali Verified Buyer
Communication isn’t easy and it seemed like materials were packed very poorly (boxes arrived torn and parts were left to roll around without being secured) in really beat up conditions. We took pictures of containers.
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Review by sludovici246 Verified Buyer
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Review by Connie St. Clair Verified Buyer
Quick shipping, solid packaging, very happy!
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Review by jelenapavlovic93 Verified Buyer
I still didn't get a table!
Review by diana wickman Verified Buyer
Review by rhondaskitchens Verified Buyer
The overall all experience in purchasing this cabinet was very easy, customer service was exceptional in following up with answers to my questions. It arrived with no problems at all, delivered timely. Delivery guys were great and professional. The cabinet is very well made, great quality, exactly as described on Houzz and would definitely recommend this cabinet to others.
Review by aalavi65 Verified Buyer
I am so disappointed as a customer and client, because you guys (Houzz) went through a third party delivery system to deliver these two tables to us, and that third party delivery system went to another third party delivery system that never called us to schedule a delivery, NOT ONCE! We have still not received these products and we have been on the phone for days tracking down which third party (More like the sixth party now) delivery system has our packages. Really disappointing, and we still don't have our products.
Review by tngal1030 Verified Buyer
Review by william calame Verified Buyer
Review by Randy Wallace Verified Buyer