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19 Reviews for Seldin Design Studios

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Relationship: Client
Project Date: May 2015
Project Price: $10,000 - $49,999
As a former magazine editor I see a lot of remodels and designers’ portfolios. When I set out to search for a designer, Rachel rose to the top for a few reasons. (1) She’s down to earth. No pretenses. (2) She’s versatile. Bay Area design strikes me as slightly repetitive: same palette, same flavor. Rachel doesn’t approach all spaces with a “playbook.” (3) She’s flexible yet opinionated. I personally believe a client/customer, in any business, is sacrosanct. I wanted the space to reflect our personalities and lifestyle. The creative world is difficult: Is a designer creating a space for his or her portfolio and to further his or her vision? Or should the client get what he/she wants? This must be one of the hardest lines to toe. Rachel bridged this. (4) She’s creative and curious. Rachel’s traveled. She’s worked in other places. And she is active in the design space. She reads the blogs, the magazines. She's a DIY-er I think that’s so important. She was a walking-reference-book. We had so much material to tap. If we wanted something different, she might riff on something she’d seen.

We hired her for the above. Working with her we discovered another side.
(1) She’s super organized. She knows in which order to get things done, and she shows up and does it. She is always on time. She is a project manager extraordinaire. (2) She may be down-to-earth, but she’s firm. If trades hassled or delayed, she dealt with it. If trades did something sloppy, she had them redo it. She didn't dodge hard conversations. And she didn't alienate trades by being a diva. (3) She's a diplomat. Sometimes my ideas would be off the mark. Rachel gave feedback to help me understand why something wouldn’t work (the science rather than the art of it). Sure, we disagreed at times. I think that was all healthy and made for a better designed place. (4) Rachel’s got superpowers: She found a middle ground between my husband’s aesthetic and mine. Which is laughably different. His: Arts and Crafts, woods, dark finishes, loves brown, library-ish decor. Mine: British colonial India/Caribbean rattans textures, light, florals. Hate the color brown. Boho-ish Wabi-Sabi decor.

The redesign of our condo had been debated (that's a friendly word) between my husband and I for two years. Paint swatches were on the wall that long. Rachel swooped in and got the project done in six months. It went from looking dark, depressing and dorm-room-y to colorful, light, happy thanks to Rachel.

When we moved to Oakland, we called Rachel to see if she could take on the complete project of furnishing our San Francisco condo so we could rent it furnished ... in a month. She got the job done. I stepped aside because I trusted her. We've tapped Rachel again for help with choosing colors at our new house and laying out rooms. She did that, like snap your fingers fast. I love the colors. We're not quite ready for a full on re-design though. :)
Relationship: Client
Project Date: November 2017
Project Price: $10,000 - $49,999
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