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43 Reviews for Showplace Cabinetry

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Relationship: Client
Project Date: June 2015
Project Price: $10,000 - $49,999
We purchased Showplace's Rockport Grey stained maple cabinets -- this line's quality leaves much to be desired. Due to a combination of installation and quality issues, we've received three replacement sets of upper cabinets. The set currently installed, we discovered to our shock, appears to have been over sprayed with dark stain (that's what one of the installers told us the problem is). Mildew-looking specks appear on the undersides of the cabinets, as well as the cabinet interior walls -- disgusting, frankly. I last contacted Showplace in early January, and have received only an out-of-office reply. I would expect their Limited Lifetime Warranty would cover this.

The above issue alone is worthy of our not recommending Showplace. For the sake of providing a comprehensive review, I'm sharing other common problems I noticed in all the Showplace replacements that have come through. They were minor enough that, had the over-spray issue not surfaced, we would have let them go. However, I'm posting photos along with this information so others can decide if they would want these cabinets installed in their homes.

Gapping: While I've been assured by both Showplace installers and the regional rep that 'gapping' (between planes -- interior side wall to bottom; side to top, etc.) is to be expected, I have yet to come across a Houzz/GardenWeb pro or homeowner who concur that gapping is standard and acceptable. The gaps are somewhat random, some widening and/or narrowing along the length of the panels. To me, this inconsistency speaks to poor, inattentive workmanship rather than a deliberate approach to cabinet construction.

Rough Cuts/Edges: Quite a few instances of ragged cuts/edges can be found in and on my cabinets. Not the end of the world in the cabinet interior, but the jagged edges at the bottoms of exposed end panels look awful.

Stain: I was warned that maple doesn't take stain uniformly, and that splotchiness might be a problem; I accepted this, and it's fine. However, I've noticed that along the edges (and in some corners) of doors and cabinet faces, the stain didn't take at all. In the photos below, the boxed areas indicate where stain is lacking: it's not light glare. Again, not the end of the world; but how/why did this end up in my house, passing through how many layers of quality control that should have been in place? I'll try to hit these bare spots with the touch-up pen provided, but it's many linear feet a homeowner is expected to color in.