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11 Reviews for Stone Creek Builders

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Relationship: Client
Project Date: January 2015
Project Price: $10,000 - $49,999
I don't typically write reviews, but after reading the most recent review I was inclined to write one because we had a somewhat similar experience. We hired Stone Creek for a basement renovation along with other minor updates throughout the house. Our initial contract/quote was for approx. $14k, in which the owner stressed to us that he very rarly submitted change orders unless they were absolutely necessary. In the beginning we were very pleased. There was great communication, all of the workers showed up on time, were very respectful to us and our house, and the workmanship was excellent. Then we started to run into some problems.

In our original contract it stated that we would be able to reuse the existing lights we had in our basement to save on cost, but then the electrician replaced all of the lights and we received a change order. Tried for over a week to just get an explanation, all while receiving multiple emailing urging us to approve the change order (even though the work had already been preformed). Finally spoke to the owner and he explained that he made a mistake when giving us the estimate and that we could in fact not reuse the existing lights. His exact words were also "if you don't want to pay for it, then don't pay", but we aren't like that and just wanted an explanation. Change order was approved and paid but that encounter seemed to cause tension throughout the remainder of our project.

We then started to run into delays. The first was because there was not enough tile ordered. On the first day of demo, and the only day the owner showed up to check on work, I asked him to let me know how much tile I needed to order. He told me a number, while standing out in the street as he pulled away and I even asked, don't you have to measure, but he assured me he knew how much we needed. Three weeks later, tile is delivered and it wasn't enough. Had to wait another three weeks before finishing the floors, which meant molding and painting couldn't be finished either.

Throughout the project we also failed multiple inspections, some of which failed more than once. We also failed twice due the Stone Creeks office not informing me that they had even scheduled inspections, so no one was home at the time. Eventually all inspections were passed, but it added a great deal of time onto our project, and the tension again began to rise.

We were told on multiple occasions that they expected to be finished with our job already, but that was out of our control and wasn't due to us adding anything to the scope. The last few weeks, the workers seemed very rushed and even told us that they were being hurried by the owner because they had another job to start. We also started to get different people in here each day working to finish everything up. The workmanship towards the end was nothing like what they started out by doing. We obviously started to question things and point out inconsistencies and even tried multiple times to get the owner out to look at the work being done, but he never showed up once. It got to the point where we had to take pictures and make a list of all the subpar work to send them before they sent the lead contractor back to our house to correct the work that had previously been done.

After yet another conversation with the owner, he told us that he was losing money on our project because he kept having to send guys out to fix things and it was taking much longer than expected. That was when we started to get nickel and dimed for all of the little things that were left to be finished. For example; in the basement they built and installed shelving in our laundry room and a closet and also installed molding and new doors throughout our house, but then they didn't want to paint the shelves, doors or molding. They basically said that where it mentioned painting in our contract, it was listed under the "basement" part of the renovation, so they were only painting the walls of the basement. They wanted an additional $1k to finish painting the remainder of the work. This was absurd to us that a contractor would think that leaving unfinished doors, molding and shelving would be considered a finished job but at that point, we just wanted to be done with this company and hired an outside painter to come in and finished their work for half the price. Throughout the back and forth about the painting in the end, their own workers were apologizing to us daily for what was going on and agreed that everything should have been painted but even told us that they were informed by the owner not to paint anything. This was just very petty in the end and was sad because for the most part, the workers were excellent and we were happy with the finished product, but the owner was very unprofessional and made us feel that our "little" job was not very important to them.
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