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8 Reviews for Uprising Builders, LLC

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Relationship: Client
Project Date: January 2016
Project Price: $1,000 - $9,999
We hired this husband and wife team to remodel our fireplace area for us... They were to demo some of the brick fire place, install built-ins and cover the face of the fireplace with tile. The wood work for the built-ins was great, the finishing of it was not that great and the tile work was very unprofessional. To elaborate, the wood work wasn't sanded very well so was rough to the touch and can see several chipped areas. The paint job was also not quality as I had they paint behind the built ins a turquoise color and it's patchy and the lines are not clean. Lastly the tile work... just horrible and to make it worse they were so unprofessional that they would take no blame for the fact that the tile wasn't layed properly and blamed my and my husband. Said we selected the wrong kind of tiles and "no body uses tile like that around fire places"... and the wife is supposed to be a designer? Let me explain the tile work... not only did they not match up the tiles all the way around, but the grout lines are very uneven, some tiles are pushed in more than others... and then they didn't even seal and caulk when they were done. When we gave them an opportunity to fix their bad work the only options we were give were for us to pay them to do that part of the work again ($300) and we would also have to buy the "proper tiling"... I told them I no longer wanted them working on it and just wanted them to replace 3 sheets of the tiles I purchased so I could get someone else to correct the problem (they were the tiles with mesh on the back). Each sheet was $14.98 + tax... I paid over $5000 for this project and was asking for a refund of approximately $47.64. The husband got absolutely furious at my husband and refused stating they would meet us half way and cover only 2 sheets. My husband agreed because it just wanted it all over... so we later received a check to $28 and then in the memo section on the check they note that refund was due to "error of owner". I have included a picture of a section of the tile work we were unhappy with. It is not very clear but basically they cut the tile work and did not line up the sections... but yet it was "our fault" because we bought the "wrong tile". That makes no sense to me as it relates to laying tile.

In summary, I would NEVER recommend a business like this to anyone as they are unprofessional, lack customer service, and are not willing to fix their F-ups! I believe they are a start up... YOU WILL NEVER BE TRULY SUCCESSFULLY IF YOU CONTINUE TO TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS LIKE THIS!

Relationship: Client
Project Date: May 2016
Project Price: more than $100,000
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