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16 Reviews for Urban Home Builders

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Relationship: Client
Project Date: January 2016
Project Price: more than $100,000
Here’s a review from a person who does not tend to fluff the details. We wanted our 1940s cottage renovated. What do I mean by renovated? That’s a question I asked myself before we met with Gary. In my mind, it was some updated fixtures, new paint, and while we are at it let's throw up a second story…. simple enough. After talking with Gary I realized it was more and I was extremely excited and nervous by “the more”. We took our house down to the studs and replaced a third of our foundation and all of this made me nervous ... very nervous. I know, I thought this was going to be a five-star review. Please be patient, I’m getting there. Gary knew what was best for the future of the house and what we would be happy with in the long run and I am ever grateful for his wisdom.
The process, on paper, seemed overwhelming but it wasn’t that at all. As well as being a home builder, Gary is an unofficially licensed therapist. As things seemed overwhelming Gary would step in with his cool, level headed voice of reason and simply ask what it was we were fretting about and then talk us through the process to a solution that allowed us to have a full night’s sleep. I know, I’m making this sound more like a touchy-feely story and less like I story of a house I wanted built. Next paragraph.
We had plans, we talked to Gary, we REALLY liked Gary. Gary said it would be done in seven months. House was done in five months. We are moved in and happy beyond what we could even imagine. Gary rocks! It shows in his constant communication with us, his customer. It shows in the way his subs bent over backwards to make sure everything is done to his standards. AND it shows in the house we are currently living in.
Relationship: next door neighbor to home built
Project Date: January 2018
Project Price: more than $100,000
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