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12 Reviews for WJM Architect

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Relationship: Client
Project Date: June 2017
Project Price: more than $100,000
WJM Architect (Bill Martin) was nothing short of the keystone (no pun intended) to our house remodel project. We met with multiple architects, and it was obvious from the start that Bill was far ahead of them all. From the initial meeting where we spoke to Bill about our vision, to the end of the project, as our contractor was finishing up the final touches, Bill helped guide the process with style and grace.

From the creative ideas about space, flow, and style, to construction economics, Bill stuck around far after the plans were done and our invoice was paid. He not only assisted us with each step, and there are many, but he also guided our contractor, and made sure all the "big decisions" were being executed perfectly to spec.

There are many pitfalls in a large remodel and addition like we did, and Bill was our safety net. To this day, he is still checking in and making sure the house has become the work of art and function that we intended.

The best part is, while Bill created a beautiful plan and design for us, he allowed our vision to be realized. He listened to what we had to say, and offered helpful direction. The creative process wasn't just his; it was ours.

In terms of communication between contractors, banks, architects, and sub-contractors, there are A LOT of people, email, and phone calls to keep track of. Bill made sure to coordinate all of us, visit the job site without us even asking, and make sure all workers were following the plans. This was so integral, as there were multiple times in which mistakes were made by a contractor, and we had to have them fix it before it was too late! Bill got back to us quickly and always with answers. That is invaluable.

Last but not least, his actual plans (the physical blueprints) were gorgeous. Simple enough for lay-people like us to understand, while also being so detailed that there was no "gray area" for any contractors to exploit to do things "faster and cheaper".

I would recommend WJM Architect for any home project of any size. The investment we made with Bill was, bar none, the best decision we made in this massive project we undertook. If you don't believe us, come check out our beautiful home!

Like multiple contractors we interviewed said to us, "Oh you used WJM? Yeah don't worry, everything is going to line up just right. Trust me."