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Slideshow Widgets

Image Search
Display specific photos based on keywords or categories
Featured Stories
Display the latest stories from Houzz
Image Search
Let visitors search 20 million Home Design Photos

Home Design Search on Your Web Site

Copy the code below to embed the houzz photo search badge on your blog or web site

Houzz Design Search Widget Code
Paste this code on your home page.

Additional Options

A full page widget is available as well.

Shortcodes on Wordpress.com

Wordpress.com users can embed Houzz slideshows using a special code format called Shortcodes. Choose a slideshow above or click the Embed button on any Houzz.com web page to grab an embeddable shortcode. The shortcodes can be used in blog entries, pages and the sidebar (use the Text Widget).
Example shortcodes:
  • Latest Houzz Photos:
  • Featured Stories:
Additional Options

You can specify a maximum width and/or maximum height by adding w=n (width) and/or h=n (height) to the shortcode.

  • Width & Height Example: