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Need Help In Selectin Colors to Add Curb Appeal to the House Exterior!

Nicholson Uy
June 5, 2014
last modified: June 5, 2014
Hey guys, i need help in making this house look better. It lacks...curb appeal. I suppose the cheapest way to flip this house is by repainting the exterior wall sidings, but i need help in selecting the right color to make it have a contemporary-classical look.

The lower ground is concrete while the second level is wooden. :)

And if there are other suggestions in making the exterior of the house look better, please dont hesitate to comment :) thank you so much! :D
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  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting
    How about a nice pale sage green some planters along the concrete walls filled with shade loving plants clean up all the garbage and mess along the fence etc paint the shed the same color
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  • Nicholson Uy
    Thank you Patricia Colwell! How about the upper level exterior wood siding of the house and the lower level concrete wall? Can you suggest any color combinations for the two? :)
  • apple_pie_order
    The house itself would be fine with a coat of new paint. What color is the roof? That usually determines which colors would go best with the rest of the house. Will the concrete be painted?

    The best and fastest way to improve the appearance of the house is to remove all the unattractive things around it, such as the rusting shed and piles of assorted things. The more you remove, the better it will look and feel. Then pressure-wash the driveway.
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  • flyr4fun
    I agree with selecting a color that will complement the roof color. Many times this is neglected and looks wrong after the house is painted. Can those cagey things be removed and the gutter downspouts relocated? Sherwin Williams has a nice free computer app that will allow you to see paint colors on different styles of houses. You could start there to see what appeals to you. It sounds like you want a two-tone color scheme? You could minimize the "ice cream cone" effect of the design of this house by picking the right colors. Either building out a planter bed or some large pots for greenery/flowers would help the look too.
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  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting
    I would paint the concrete a darker shade and use the lighter one on the top.
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  • Nicholson Uy
    Thank you guys for the suggestions! What if i were to paint the roof with a chocolate brown color? Can you suggest some color combinations that will look good on the house? The concrete will be painted, that was the plan. :)

    Hi apple_pie_order! I'll clean up the shed and other trashes around :) The place sure does need tidying up!

    Hey flyr4fun! Is the computer app of Sherwin Williams called Paint Color Visualizer?

    Okay Patricia Colwell, thank you! ^_^
  • chrisinky
    I initially thought to paint all of the peach & downspouts a dark charcoal gray & power wash the concrete but leave it unpainted. The concrete has some nice color to it if its cleaned up. Can all of the grill work be painted too? I would go with the same charcoal gray. Is the roof flat & just have the green edge showing? Paint the green the same charcoal but leave the white overhang. Don't paint the downspouts that go over the white, leave them matching there. I can't see your front door, but paint it something bold like lime green or orange. Paint all of your outbuildings gray trimmed with whatever color you paint the door.

    Is that a planter bed against the concrete wall? If so, plant some nice short tropical plants there. It's a really interesting home.
  • PRO
    Creative Visual Concepts, Kevin Strader
    Some have suggested an olive color but a brown would work too. I would paint the eaves a darker brown. Goes with the concrete better and you don't have to paint the concrete which could create a long term maintenance situation.
  • Dar Eckert
    I like the green with the cement color. The downspouts are a bit of an eyesore but could be improved by painting them cement color. Now get some large flower pots to off-set all the concrete.
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  • kuzzwhy

    Not sure if I understand that you can paint the roof? Interesting...

    With the cleaning up, pressure wash the concrete and leave it (or seal it? ask a professional about sealing). You'll be sorry if you create a maintenance issue that requires layers of painting--and the initial painting will take a ton of time and paint because of the porous surface. More than that, I think it's a great and distinctive design feature of this modern house. It's not just cinderblock; it's a cool pattern.

    The cleaned up concrete will look even better with a deep color on top, such as a coffee color or medium charcoal/chalkboard color. But painting the window grates the same deep color or a shade or two darker will really make the windows and the overall design very handsome and more sleek. The white does nothing to improve the appearance but dark will look really modern and clean and expensive.

    Paint the lower downspouts as close as possible to the grey in the concrete so they disappear and of course the uppers to match the top. Paint the underside of the eaves a few shades darker than the concrete of the same grey instead of white. White is too stark and looks cheap.

    If you are changing the roof color, I'd go with a shade of grey between the new siding color and the clean concrete. It's best not to go too dark especially since it looks like you're in a warm climate.

    I can't tell exactly if the house is also comprised of the rear, one-story structure--or if that's where the door is? If so, you could choose that portico area and your door to accent with some color that will glow off the deep grey and soft grey colors. My favorite would be to choose bright turquoise or aqua, but other colors would work well, too, as long as they are "clean" colors and not muddy (like the current color of your home).

    Add some modern, med. to lg. scale lights in the right places and a good modern door handle set in steel or nickel or black, and the home will be extremely rich-looking. Pictures of the doorway/portico and an explanation of whether the back part is part of the house may help with more specifics, but it's a great structure that has probably lost some of it's appeal because of the colors painted on it at this time. Good luck & please post more pictures now and after. Cool house.

  • kuzzwhy

    Also, something tall and graphic planted in your planting strip between the driveway and the house would look nice. I'm thinking of bamboo, but get the kind that doesn't send out runners under ground--clumping vs. running. Plant the open section and maybe get dwarf variety for below the window, or some other narrow, tall plant that will grow well in your area (the nursery will tell you if you bring photos, too). This will help significantly with making the house look more rich if you have live plantings there.

    You could make some boxy planters at the front of the property very easily from concrete--maybe with a line toward the top to mimic the house pattern. Or you could re-use the corrugated scrap metal to do the same technique. Planting more bamboo in the front would tie together with the house and be much more inviting than what's there now! Plus, it would provide some privacy, wind break, and minor shade instead of just a parking area.

  • threecreeksdesign

    If you are going for a contemporary look, this is what I would do. (Depending on what the roof looks like anyway.)

    1. Leave the concrete as is. maybe just clean it up a pit with a pressure washer or something to make it look fresh. IMHO, the pattern on it lends itself very well to the contemporary style. 2. Paint the second floor white. 3. Put zinc colored eaves trough and downspouts on. (It would be awesome if the roof could also be matching.) 4. Remove the window grills if possible and especially the air conditioner cages since they are empty anyway. (Also try to hide any trace of the air conditioners.)

  • PRO
    Grown Solutions

    Hanging garden trellises hung from the overhangs would look great.

    Hanging Garden Trellis · More Info
    Hanging Garden Trellis · More Info
    Hanging Garden Trellis · More Info
    Hanging Garden Trellis · More Info

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