I need advice on planning the dimensions of a swimming pool.

June 14, 2014
this is in Sonoma county and I am considering 16' x 50' overall with a 7'x7' spa at one end in pool.
should it be longer for laps and what should the depth be?

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    It depends on whether you want to be able to stand up at both ends the pool.
  • felchlinv
    right now the dimensions we are considering are: 54' x 16'. 31/2' at each end. deepest part
    6'. the pool we would like to us as a lap pool and sport area for kids
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    SoCal Contractor
    Do your children swim for a team or plan to in the future? If the pool is going to be predominantly used for laps then I would suggest enlarging it. However, if most of its use will be as relaxation, then you might want to go with a standard swimming pool.
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  • felchlinv
    what size is a lap pool typically? We want to use the pool for recreation for our grandsons and as a exercise/lap pool for adults. Do lap pools come in feet or meters?
    thank you in advance
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    Artful Pools Design and Consulting

    A typical residential lap pool is 40', but a serious lap pool would be 50' to 75'.

    The overall design and features need to incorporate your families needs, suroundings and architectual features of the home and lifestyle.

    Please review my Houzz profile or visit www.artfulpools.com for some ideas.

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    Tanner Consulting LLC- Landscape Architecture

    18x 38 is a typical family pool, laps need around 45', 4' to 6.5' deep

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