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What are the BEST Stain Resistant Swimming Pool Finishes?

8 years ago
My pool contractor recommended using KrystalKrete to re-surface my freshwater pool. We need to resurface because the 7 year-old Colorquartz finish is popping off. Because we live so far North, our pool is only used for three month of the year. The other nine months is it abandoned to the wildlife (otters, raccoons, birds). Consequently in the spring we have to do quite a clean-up. The Colorquartz would have dark staining and also white lime leaching from the Portland cement. We'd have to use a lot Muriatic acid to clean it up. This is probably why the Colorquartz finish didn't last very long. The KrystalKrete is also a Portland cement based quartz product. I’m afraid of having the same issues. I’d like a finish that I can power wash clean in the spring. I need to know which products would be best suited to this environment.

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