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Velux Sun Tunnel Skylight

April 4, 2012
I am looking for a way to get more natural light in my house. I love to have the sun shine in my house, but my house is not angled correctly to maximize the sunlight. Would the Velux Sun Tunnel Skylight help with this problem? Also, where would I look to find these and have them installed? Thanks for your help.
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    Midwest Skylight LLC
    tambo, How much light is enough? Do you put a 1000 watt bulb in a room when maybe a 900 watt bulb would be more than sufficient? Why do you have all the optional lenses now on Solatube? Glare!!
  • gg004
    tambo, the velux installer mentioned similar things about the velux system too - in terms of filtering out UV light, reflectivity being 98% and light not being lost as it travels down the tube due to the aluminium coating. I am not a technical person by any means, but it all sounds similar. he said he was a solatube installer before and he switched over when solatube changed something 6 or 7 years ago..i am not sure if it was a diffuser or something like that..he said he could install the solatube too if I insisted, but would give me a 30 day warranty as opposed to a 20 year warranty for a velux tube installation..
  • tambo100
    Gg004 - all the ceiling fixtures are to give the customer more choices to personalize their daylighting system with something of higher quality than the basic acrylic diffuser, but they still offer that one, too.

    As far as your bulb question, most people who install tubular skylights want as much natural daylight as possible. If you want the best, it is Solatube.
  • tambo100
    Gg007 - sunlight bounces off the insides of the tube many, many times on its way to the diffuser on the ceiling. The longer the tube run, the more bounces. At 98% reflectivity, the Velux unit loses 2% for every bounce. At 99.7% reflectivity, the Solatube material loses only 0.3% for every bounce. This is why at only 3 to 4 feet, the Velux unit drops below 90% light output. The Solatube does not drop below 90% light output until 23 feet.

    It sounds very fishy that your Velux guy would give only 30 days on the Solatube, especially since the manufacture provides a 10 year warranty on materials. Doesn't that make you stop and wonder about this guy? If he really did work for Solatube at one time, there are countless reasons as to why he no longer does. Regardless of what you choose, be careful.
  • Good Taste
    What makes me wonder is when someone says that the material of their tube is made of "enhanced silver".
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    Solarise Inc.

    1st Solatube tubing which is made by 3m not Solatube may be more reflective with "specular reflectance" but not after multiple bounces. This is proven by Alonod testing at there facilities in germany. At angles of 0 to 45 degrees they have a 78% advantage over MPF or multi polymeric film. Solatubes tubing is basically many thin plastic films glued to an aluminum sheet which is not uv protected and over time has been known to delaminate which is probably why Solatube only gives a 10 year warranty. I have never heard of a 10 year roof, have you. Alanod tubing is an enhanced silver coating applied to aluminum using pvd technology. Will never delaminate, is uv protected and has no color shift. www.Alanod.com


    Solatubes dome has not been proven to give more light. They claim it has a larger surface area because of the fresnel design. Its basically a diffused dome which actually blocks light. i have done several test with my light meter during different times of day during the year and have seen as much as 15% loss of light over the clear dome. The problem is there are too many prisms. But Solatube has so much glare or hotspots they need the dome to soften the light otherwise cusotmers would complain. This technology first was invented by augustine fresnel. Then Sun Star integrated this into there dome which Solatube acquired some 20 years ago. There are better lenticular prism designs on the market today but solatube is not about to change there dome after spending millions on the design and mold. There supposed money back guarantee to consumners is laughable at best and expired dec of 2012. What consumer is going to spend thousands of dollars to do testing to get there money back. Atleast Solarspot stopped this nonsense when they sued Solatube and won. Solarspot is a french tubular daylighting company.


    Flashings...Solatube is by far the most deceptive when it comes to flashings. Did you know that most solatube flashing on peoples roofs are plastic?! Yet the customer thought they were getting steel. They think they are getting steel because that is what it shows on the website.


    Solatube glass diffuser are nice but will block light. Glass has a light transmission of around 60% where acrylic can get around 92%.

    I am not a fan of Velux or Solatube. They remind me too much of big bussiness and the almighty dollar. I could mention alot more but this should suffice. You shouldnt have to get ahead in the world with lies and gimmicks designed by lawyers. I have installed Solatube and Velux, ODL, Us sunlght, Elite Solar systems, Natural light, Sun Pipe, and Sun Glo. ODl is probably the worst because the flashings disintegrate. Solatube comes in second because there domes and diffusers yellow and there plastic flashings warp. Velux and Us sunlight comes in third because they push substandard flexible tubing. Sun Pipe comes in 4th. because they use storm collars and sealant to hold there flashings together. Elite Solar Systems, Natural light and Sun Glo are the best as far as im concerned. I have been installing tubular skylights for 20 years. I use sun glo
    but natural light and elite are good products also. They also carry 25 to 50 years warranties.
    Atleast now people can make a more educated decision.

    www. Sunglo.biz

    There are probably about 30 tubular skylight manufactures in the world.
  • gg004
    ~solaris tube skylights - do u install in Duluth, GA?
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    Solarise Inc.
    No We do not but i might be able to locate a roofer to install our product for you. Or i could sale you a DIY. I try to stay in contact with roofers because we are always looking for dealers around the United States. If that is not feasable i can call Natural light ( my competitor ) and see if they have any dealers in the area. Not the same product but it is made well and has a 25 year warranty. Let me know and i will see what i can do.

    1st pic is of Natural light. i call them bubble tubes because of the bubble.
    2nd pic sun glo on Tile
    3rd pic is Sun Glo on Comp.
  • cutiesea
    Which of these solar tubes would be best for a concrete tile roof? Who actually manufacture those flat tubes instead of the round tube? It appears that the flat solar tubes has less flashing and space to cut out. I do no need some light in my dark kitchen.
  • bigburrito
    Cutiesea - Solatube has been the leader in tubular skylights for over 20 years. They are based in California and have perfected the installation on concrete tile roofs. Check here about 3/4 of the way down the page for the tile roof info/images: http://www.solatube.com/residential/product-catalog/brighten-up-series/index.php

    Hope this helps.
  • bigburrito
    Gg004 - check here for the Solatube Premiere Dealer that covers your area. They have factory trained installation professionals: http://www.solatube.com/residential/find-a-dealer.php?form=locator_search&client=solatube&template=locator&addressline=30097&GO.x=28&GO.y=8
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    Solarise Inc.
    Cutiesea- If you decide to go with Solatube be very cautious that the dealer doesn not give you a substandard plastic flashing. Code requires two metal flashing on tile roofs. The Sun Glo product i use is installed with two metal flashings as part of our standard installation. Solatube maybe the leader but that doesnt mean they are better. I have attached three pictures. One of Solatubes plastic flashing which they hide from there brochures and websites yet it is the most widely used flashing. Second picture shows the solatube being attached with a wire. Yes thats all thats attached this flashing to the roof. A single wire through plastic. The third picture is of sun glo on tile. There are alot better manufactures out there.
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    Elite Solar Lighting & Fans
    Thank you Solarise for mentioning us in the comments above.
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    Elite Solar Lighting & Fans
    Here is a picture of our Flat Tile Aluminum Flashing we manufacture. (Includes a galvanized steel Under Flashing)
  • PRO
    Hello sandee14 and everyone who contributed to this comment thread,

    At VELUX, our point of view is that there are a variety of daylighting installation situations: small rooms, larger rooms with vaulted ceilings, closets, kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, rooms where you need a little more light and rooms that you want bathed in sunlight. That’s why we carry a variety of daylighting products.

    For more than 70 years we have perfected the use of roof windows and skylights in homes and businesses to improve living and working environments for people around the world. We continue to strive to make our products perform better than any other daylighting product on the market.

    VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylights are part of our core product offering because we know that some people want daylight without a view of the sky. Others want daylight in spaces that are too small for a flat skylight. The important thing is that they can have daylight either way and reduce their dependence on electrical lighting.

    We stand behind our SUN TUNNEL skylights with a 20-year warranty on reflection-enhanced materials – including the reflective tunnel and a 5-year warranty on the polycarbonate dome. The rigid tunnel models of VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylights are made of 24-guage aluminum coated in 98 percent specular reflective silver, that provides ample task lighting during daylight hours. We stand behind the quality of our tubular skylight products and would not sell them if they did not provide ample task lighting.

    Please allow me to correct some misconceptions in the comment thread about our flat skylights.

    VELUX deck mounted and curb mounted skylights come with an industry first 10-year warranty on installation. Installed correctly with three layers of protection – the pre-attached deck seal, adhesive underlayment and VELUX engineered step flashing – our skylights will NOT leak. Locate a qualified installer for our flat or SUN TUNNEL skylights here: http://www.veluxusa.com/consumer/service/locators/skylight_installer_locator

    We use energy efficient loE3 argon gas injected dual glass panes on all of our glass skylights to block virtually all UV rays and provide insulation against heat loss/gain. See testing data and read more about glazing used in our skylights here: http://skylights.veluxusa.com/consumer/products/residential_skylights/glazing/energy_efficiency_options

    Finally, our flat skylights, including our new Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight, give you the ultimate in flexibility in light control and ventilation. Select the blinds option, so you can have full light when and want it or close the blind when you want less light. Our “Fresh Air” models open to allow air flow into your home, and used in conjunction with open windows create a chimney effect that pulls warm air out the roof and cool air in through the windows.

    We appreciate your questions and the lively debate in this thread because it helps to spread the word about the benefits of natural lighting in our homes and work spaces.
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    Solarise Inc.
    VELUX: I do think that your flashing systems on your traditional skylights are built well. But a company that will try to sale and install a solar tube or sun tunnel that has flexible tubing is trying to save a buck and not thinking of the customer. A standard 10" Sun Glo solar tube will outperform a 22 inch sun tunnel with flexible tubing. Why install such a large fixture on your ceiling if a small fixture can supply ample light brighter than the large flexible units.

    Below i have attached three pictures. First one is the inside of the miro silver tubing system, which Sun Tunnel does use on there rigid pipes. Manufactured
    by Alanod. Why does Velux sale Alanod tubing which is like buying a lexus then also sale flexible tubing which is like saling a pinto? Could it be to sale you a substandard product to promote easier installation for there installers? Could it be to cut there manufacturing costs by using tubing that they can purchase for $8.00 for and 8' length instead of $8.00 a foot for the rigid? I have heard numerous times sun tunnel installers state that the flexible tuning is just as bright as the rigid. This is laughable. Something to ponder on wouldnt you agree.

    The second pic is of a Sun tunnel viewed from the attic. You can see how inefficient it is by all the light it is letting into the attic.

    The third pic is of two tubes. Can you guess which one is the 14" flexible and which one is the 10" rigid? You guessed it. Ridged is on the end and the flexible is in the front. What a difference!
  • camillejames11
    Has anyone used Sun-Tek's Spyder multi-tube system? Also, are there any other products like it on the market? It is the only one I've been able to find.
  • PRO
    Solarise Inc.
    Sun-Tek is the only company that uses a multiple tube system placed inside one large skylight and routed throughout your home. The idea and concept are great since you will only have one roof penetration but you will have a very severe loss of light if the ceiling locations are too far away. The longer the tube and more angled it is the greater loss of light you will have. This is the reason most companies only use one tube per roof penetration. You also wont get an even amount of light through each tube since they will be angled in different directions. The tubing itself is also very expensive and you will use alot more tubing than if you did one straight tube run. Like i said, the concept is great but it isnt very efficient when it comes to getting maximum light into your rooms. Hope this helps.
  • PRO
    Bumblebee Construction
    LOL @ Solarise. This guy clearly has no idea what he is talking about. I am a General Contractor in the Los Angeles area who does full kitchen bath remodels and additions. Over the years we have installed hundreds of Solatube Daylighting Systems.

    Yes. Solatube HAD acrylic flashings about 15 years ago but now all they sell are steel flashings that have a powdercoat and a high gloss coating. Is this Solarise guy stuck in a time warp or is this just his Sales Pitch?

    I buy my product from a local Solatube dealer. Why? Because they always have parts in stock, they understand the product, and their staff has instlalled the product. They know what they are talking about. Additionally, I like to see the product looks like that I am buying, ie. I cant see a Velux installed anywhere. I cant see this Solarise product installed anywhere. Am I supposed to put this in my customers house without understanding what the light quality looks like? Where do I send my customers to look at the product.

    Solarise guy. You can downplay Solatube all you want. The reason you do that is because you are living 15 years in the past. Take 15 minutes and visit a Solatube Showroom and maybe you would stop spewing garbage.

    I have never been sold an acrylic flashing by Solatube. They do have them available and in some cases it might be preferable to install an acrylic flashings if you are doing it in a coastside town like Newport Beach or Long Beach. However, I still use the steel flashings and if need to apply marine paint to prevent any rusting due to the high levels of salt air.

    I have never seen delamination with the product., and like I said, Ive installed these things for a while.

    I think it is pretty weak of someone like Solarise to try to get sales for his company by creating false statements about another company.

    Oh yea and as far as these spyder systems go, hope and prey you dont get a leak. They are essentially using a skylight flashing. We all know what happens with skylights. Im done with flashing skylights. Dont need the headache.

    PS Dont listen to the Manufacturers' reps for what works best. Look at who is getting the awards in the industry through professional organizations and you will see that Solatube is far superior.
  • PRO
    Solarise Inc.
    LOL @ Bumble bee construction.

    You obviosly dont know what you are talking about. I have attached three pictures. All are polypropylene plastic flashing with Solatubes new dome design which has only been in production for a couple years now.

    You say Solatube had acrylic flashings 15 years ago. Solatube has never had acrylic flashings. You might want to do some research on what type of plastic polymers you are talking about.

    You have installed 100 of tubes. Well my friend i have installed over 50,000 tubes in the last 20 years. I am in my 40's. I am a fifth generation contractor that was taught the fine art of craftsmanship at an early age. So YES i do know what i am talking about. People need to know the truth about Solatube. They are liars. The lie to there dealers and to there customers. They show one product on there website and put another product on peoples roofs. I am in Northern, CA. And have seen thousands of plastic Solatube flashings on peoples roofs without there knowledge.

    About installing plastic flashing in other areas. As a contractor you should know about
    CA. Fire codes. They state that only steel flashings can be used on a fire rated roof. Which is pretty much required in every county in CA.

    De-lamination does occur. Look at the last Solatube picture.
    I think the pictures speak for themselves.

    First you say Solatube only sold plastic 15 years ago, Then you state
    they offer them and may be preferred in certain areas.

    You might want to get your facts straight.

    And if plastic is so good and preferred in these areas then you should find them on every roof. Right?

    You might want to do your research! This is my profession!

    I dont see Solatube getting any awards for there plastic flashing's.

    I looked at your page and it says you are from Pleasonton, Ca. yet you state you are from L.A. Which one is it? You also have only commented on this post. Why is that? You show no pictures of your work, a profile picture or anything. Could it be that you are actually a Solatube Dealer? Just wondering.

    If you wish to install Solatube then that is your choice and the choice of others as well. But i will not stop telling and showing people the truth about Solatube and there plastic.
  • Madeline Reynolds
    Solatubes are better. The color of the daylight is true. The Velux's color is more metalic blue.
  • Madeline Reynolds
    Houzz recently featured a story on skylights that did not promote tubular skylights. I was shocked how far off they missed the mark by not showing the latest trends in daylighting. The deep chase "square chimneys" of traditional box skylights suck up the heated air in the winter and bring in heat in the summer. Not so with tube skylights; they are heat neutral (no heat gain - no heat loss). My fav spot for my Solatube "tubular" skylight is in my windowless bathroom. Turn on the sun and turn off the electric light during the day....so sustainable:)
  • PRO
    Solarise Inc.
    @Madeline Reynolds
    Solatube does have a higher color rendering index than flex tubing. But solatube has a fluorescent look to it. Alanods Miro silver has no color shift giving your room true to life color and its not a polymeric film so no worries about delamination.
  • mcgoo555
    Some interesting thoughts here -
    Just a couple of points I would make -

    Sun or solar tubes that use Alanod micro silver won't "rust" - the material is made from aluminium. It is possible that they might corrode if for whatever reason the contractor does a shoddy install and allows water ingress.
    Solatube's Spectralight Infinity is indeed more reflective when it is new. Problem is - because its a 3M laminate film, the performance will drop over time, far below that of a material which is not laminated. the whole 99.7% vs 98% argument is a marketing sham, there's little to no difference in these pipes in reality.

    I also have a problem with Solatube's light redirecting prism gimmicks. You do realise prisms reflect almost as much light as they bend right? If the daylight is diffused (overcast sky) then you are really decreasing the amount of light entering the dome. However - to be fair to solatube if the sun is at a very low angle in a clear sky it will most likely draw more light into the tube. It depends on your climate.

    I feel like i've bashed enough on solatube so I will end by saying the last time I bought Solatubes, they came with metal flashings :) haven't seen a polymer flashing plate.
  • PRO
    HighEnd Solutions (Skylights, Canopies & Knotwood
    No matter what daylighting device you choose find out where it is made.
    It is not too expensive to have a contractor out in a regular 2x4 skylight through your ceiling and roof.
    LoE glass and vinyl frame models are the best. I am not a fan of tunnels myself but know they are getting popular. Always get three quotes and make sure they are apples to apples.
  • skalman
    I've been researching tubular lighting a while. This thread seems to be the most informative. What bothers me is all the plastic these companies use. Is there one that uses a glass dome? The #1 Achilles heel of plastic is UV light. So there's irony in using plastic in a fixture that's job is to capture sun light. Acrylic, plexiglass, polycarbon, are all just fancy marketing jargon for plastic. Of all the high quality plastics out there I can't think of 1 which UV light DOESN'T make short work of. If I had to guess I'd say the dome turns white with haze over time, then crazes, then becomes brittle and cracks to pieces. If you're going to pay $500 for something it needs to last the life of the house in order to pay for its energy savings. Keep in mind lighting uses hardly any electricity, I calculated if I leave all the lights on in my house 24/7 for a month it would only cost me $6 in energy. And these aren't energy saving lights... When we consider how little light we use in any given room for fractions of the day we see it would probably take ~15-20 years for tubular lights to pay for themselves in energy savings. So why would I settle for something with a 10 yr warranty? I dont trust warranties so the real question is why would I settle for something that uses parts I don't expect to last 20 yrs? I understand standard glass has less transparency than acrylic but I'll take that for longevity. Standard glass also filters UV. And if a company wanted they could use leaded glass or low iron glass with has high transparency like acrylic but lasts longer than acrylic. A product that is constantly being bombarded by UV shouldn't have anything remotely related to plastic polymers in any part of its design.... And Im skeptical of people who say their plastic lights have lasted over 10 years, or even 7 years, just by knowing how vulnerable even the latest plastics are to UV rays.
  • mcgoo555
    Hi skalman, there are a couple of companies that do glass domes. Google light way - Czech company. I work in this industry ( not for solatube, lightway or velux) and I can tell you that you are correct with plastics and UV EXCEPT in the case of acrylic. Acrylic won't haze with UV that is why a lot of plastics used on roofs are acrylic capped. Polycarbonate however will go yellow in a year or two, sadly that's just the nature of the material - even if it is "UV stabilised". Polycarbonate us used because it is extremely durable. And yes acrylic generally has a better lighter transmittance over glass. Finally, there is no case to be made anymore with saving on electric bills. You are paying to have natural light rather than artificial light. In fairness it is much more pleasant light and better for your health
  • PRO
    Hello Skalman, VELUX makes a SUN TUNNEL tubular skylight with a lens made of clear, tempered glass. You can see the details here: http://suntunnelskylights.veluxusa.com/consumer/productinfo/rigid_tunnel/flat_glass_tlr Thank you.
  • PRO
    Elite Solar Lighting & Fans
    Hi Skalman, Take a look at the picture, we use High Impact Acrylic Domes with UV stabilizers. These Tubular Skylights were installed 13 years ago, picture was taken about 2 months ago and we have not had to maintain the skylights, it has taken the beating of a few hail storms and 110+ degree heat here in Arizona. If you would like more information you can email us at info@elitesolarsystems.com or by phone at 1-866-772-5418
  • tilzey

    I have a different question about bringing daylight into our house. Half of our living room is dark all the time. The ceiling is exposed beams with tongue & groove boards. The roof is comp shingles. We will be installing 2 windows, but they will be on the west side of the house. Sadly, the house has no southern windows - something we will resolve in time.
    How do we bring daylight in?
    BTW, next to the living room is a closet with an ceiling, which means there is an attic space on the other side of the living room wall.

  • PRO

    @tilzey VELUX skylights might be a good solution for your living room. Even with attic space above your ceiling, it is possible to install skylights. In such situations, the installer builds a light shaft that directs the sunlight into the room. If you're interested in finding an installer near you to look at your living room and make a recommendation, check out our installer locator. Thanks.

  • beth2002

    Personally, I like Solatube products. They have been around the longest and have a great reputation. They have really long reflective tubes that go from the roof, through the attic and into the space without losing daylight.

  • tilzey

    Our ceiling is open-beamed, no attic where we need the light. If the interior/tube part of a sun tube system could have a 90 degree turn and the be fastened to the highest part of the wall, that would work. I'm not sure any system that needs a long run (flex or solid tube) can work.
    Maybe a 6" to 8" device, that simply goes through the roof and the ceiling, could work. But, without an attic above the area where it is the darkest, I am looking for other options.
    I'm attaching a photo of the space. What appears to be an attic space at the right side of the ceiling is actually just a different angle of the roof, to allow for very high, west facing windows that do not bring the needed southern light. They are too high to light the room during the day. The photo was taken at 11:30 am. I was facing South, with a whole wall of 3'x 4' windows to my left (East).
    I want the southern light to be brought into the room, if possible.

  • beth2002

    You don't need an attic to use the Solatube tubular skylight. I know they can do pretty sharp turns without losing much light. If it were me, I would go to their site and find the dealer in your area - they come out for free to consult and give options. Good luck!

  • tilzey

    Thank you beth2002. I have a contractor coming out on Monday to look at the house. I will ask them about the information you shared.

  • PRO
    Solarise Inc.

    Hi Tilzey,

    When dealing with vaulted ceilings placement is very important. The angle of the vault will change the direction the light goes. If you have a couch or tv in your room, you want the light above you or behind you otherwise while sitting on the couch the light will be right in your eyes because of the vault angle. I have attached a few picture of vaulted ceilings. Hope this helps. You can email me at solarise@ymail.com if you would like to discuss more. you can also check out our website. www.getsolarise.com You will get alot better quality product and light if you choose Sun Glo over Solatube. You can also purchase the product online and have it shipped right to your home.

  • tilzey

    Solarise, This is the exact information I was trying to find. I was continually told that sunlight could only be brought in via a "tube" through an attic space, or a skylight. I didn't understand why there wasn't a way to bring the light directly into the room without 4' to 10' feet of tubing.
    I will look at your website. Thank you!

  • lessalt
    My friend had a tubular skylight installed. It does bring lots of light into her previously dark room. However, I find the bright light reminiscent of a flying saucer and very distracting. Can you control the amount of light?
  • PRO
    Elite Solar Lighting & Fans

    lessalt, you could control the amount of light by installing a dimmer, we offer 4 different dimmer configurations, if you would like more information please email us at info@elitesolarsystems.com

    Before & After · More Info

  • ubergigglefritz

    I'm wondering if there is enough value in putting one of these in a small entry space with one east facing window and one south facing (into a covered porch, so no direct light) full glass door? I'm guessing not.

  • PRO
    Solarise Inc.

    Hello Ubergigglefritz,

    If you are trying to light up the covered porch area yes, if your trying to get light into the house by putting it in the porch area, no. The tubes will produce light even in winter. They dont need direct sun on it to produce light. Of course the light will be less without direct light. Hope this helps....

  • ubergigglefritz

    Thanks. I decided to save my money from that for putting one in the hallway sometime. Much more effective use of expenses =) I might put up a mirror to help bounce some light into the living area from the entry space.

  • Susan Angellis

    We just sold our home and downsized. The one thing I miss most are my SolaTube lights. There was two already in the house and we added 4. The difference was amazing. Since they were the one who invented the system, we thought that was the way to go. We had a Southwestern flat roof and never had one problem unlike the skylights which were a pain. The lighting was clean and bright and diffused nicely to cover a large area. Each room went from dark and dingy to bright and sunny. Even on moonlit nights, it shone through making it a nightlight, of sorts. I now have a pitched cement tile roof and will be installing at least one, if not more.

  • ubergigglefritz

    I'm finalizing my decision about the sun tunnel in my hallway. It is not a long hallway, so I figured I would put it where the current light is and add the light kit to the sun tunnel. But this is going to add $400 to the job, so I'm really trying to make sure this is the best option.

    Alternatively, I could move the fire alarm and put the sun tunnel where that is currently. The negative to this is that it would make the hallway more busy (an attic access panel, sun tunnel, fire alarm, light fixture...), and being more towards the bedroom end of the hallway, I'm not sure if its effects would continue far enough down the other end of the hallway.Putting the sun tunnel between the two is not optimum as that is right where one of the bedroom doors is, so I don't feel the light would bounce down the hallway as efficiently.

    Putting it all the way at the end, beyond the attic access panel doesn't seem to make sense, nor does putting it any closer than the current light is, as I feel then the sun tunnel would not bounce light down the entire hallway, limiting its effects.

    Anyone have any feedback? Thanks!

  • jacqueline_123

    I love to hang crystal prisms in my window to get rainbows all over my living room. Would it be possible to install one in a solar tube to get the same effect? Just curious.

  • Алексей Стерхов

    Russia. In Russia, we have experienced both MPF and the deposition of coating in vacuum (ALANOD). The result is visible to the naked eye.

  • Алексей Стерхов

    All those people who say that Solatube is a unique system is used by marketing and advertising data, forgetting to use their brain /mind. In fact, solatube is a low quality product with high self-esteem. Solatube does not meet the requirements of natural light * specular reflectance greater than 99% with wavelength specific reflectance up to 99.7% for the visible spectrum. You know what that means? This means that only a narrow spectrum of light has a reflectance of 99.7%. Our studies show that the spectral composition of light is retained only 92 % http://www.solatube.su/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/O-sootvetstvii-spektralnogo-sostava-sveta.pdf. The system is not designed and has many disadvantages for Russia and the North of the globe. This technology natural lighting solatube may not exactly stand out from other systems of natural lighting. All that distinguishes solatube is the expensive advertising, marketing and the big lie about the exclusivity of the natural system .

    I repeat again , Solatube is the usual system of natural lighting is different from the others.

  • Алексей Стерхов

    I am a manufacturer of optical fibers Solarway in Russia.

    We use only high Quality material is Alanod - ALMECO mirosilver 4270AG or group - SP 298. the polymer film delaminated in severe cold weather/frost.

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    ABCD Suppky

    Wow!! There are a lot of "invested" comments here praising solatube. The truth is I have had to take enough of them out and install SunTunnels instead due to their tubing turning pink and I mean pink as in you get pink colored daylight in the house. I collect them and show them off at the trade shows(; seeing is believing. SunTunnel 20year mirrored tube vs. solatubes laminated 10year tube. Trust me on this one and ask lots of questions!!!!

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    Oh yea I almost forgot to mention; SunTunnel tubing does not Rust!!! Neither do their domes!!! Fyi tambo100

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