Need help with landscaping a pergola

Sally Unger
6 years ago
This pergola is in the back point of our yard (the yard is shaped like a pentagon.) I've planted wisteria (American Falls) at the back that will grow forward in a few years. Recently planted 2 boxwoods 'Green Mountain' in front of front posts. At left is a Bridal Veil spirea and there is another one on the right which probably can't be seen. There are Rose of Sharon crowding the spirea on the right and I plan to remove them next spring. Currently cleomes spring up every year from last year's seeds, as you can see in the photo. There is a spot in front of the left front post where water collects (in front of the boxwood but not where the boxwood is) so I need to plant something in front that can take water. I am in Northern Virginia and the Virginia clay is slow draining. Would appreciate any ideas you may have for further improvements. Thank you!

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