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Where to hang damp dish towel n kitchen without ruining cabinet finish

9 years ago
My new kitchen is in progress (still needs new light fixtures, backsplash, painting, hardware, faucet, etc.). I'm a little anal - I have 2 dish towels I use daily. One is to dry hands and the other is to dry dishes. In my old kitchen I kept the one to dry hands on the oven handle. My old and new ovens are stainless steel and we have very hard water. The old oven continuously had water marks on the stainless steel (and even the oven window) from wet hands grabbing the towel - and the water marks never fully wiped clean. In my old kitchen I kept the towel to dry dishes in a drawer that had a rubberish shelf liner that had holes in it. However, over time that drawer started getting damaged from the moisture.

I have thought about putting a towel rack at the far end of my island (opposite the oven), however I feel like the continuous water dripping off hands will ruin the cabinet finish (which has bead board) and leave drips on the furniture baseboard around the island. Same if I stick one on the inside of the sink cabinet door. But maybe I wrong - maybe the finishes hold up to moisture???

I also thought I could possibly buy some type of tile and have it cut to the size of one of my drawers and lay the towel for drying dishes on the tile (sort of like a coaster for drinks), but not sure if that will have problems (i.e. the drawer still getting damaged from moisture).

Finally, I'm wondering if a it would look weird if I used a free standing towel holder on my countertop near my sink (just like you would buy for a bathroom).

I do not want to use paper towels - just seems like a waste and don't want to leave them sitting out.

Any ideas or pictures would be greatly appreciated :)

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