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Need help for our kitchen!

November 21, 2014
We need help selecting both the design and color of backsplash and floor tile for our new kitchen.

As you'll see in the pictures, the cabinets are IKEA Adel Medium Brown with brushed nickel handles. The countertop is Colonial Gold granite, and the appliances are stainless and black glass.

We are looking for backsplash and floor tile that will compliment the Colonial Gold granite. Our goal is a create a somewhat Asian -- we think a Soft Japanese -- feel.

Many of the backsplash designs we've viewed have been too busy and take over the granite. Also, it's been difficult finding the right tile color to compliment the countertop as the Colonial gold has many colors in it from creamy biscuit and tans to flecks of rust, dark browns and black, none dominant.

As to the floor tile, again we don't want something too busy or bold that will take from the countertop or move from the Soft Japanese feel we're looking for. We prefer a slate look (perhaps porcelain) over a wood look. (The cabinets already bring much wood-feel.) Also nothing too light in color.

So help, help, help! We have hours toting around a chunk of the granite and a cabinet door, and then bring home hopeful tile samples only to find they're not quite the right match.

Any experience or suggestions as to material, design or color is greatly appreciated! (Did I mention that I'm a retired electrical contractor with no experience in design whatsoever? Help!!)

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  • PRO
    flair lighting
    you left out the lighting...............one pendant would sufaice but a semi flush would be better or another can. do you need a fan in this space?
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  • PRO
    SimpleTwig Architecture.llc
    Beautiful progress thus far. Do you plan on putting in kick plates? You're right about the backsplash competing with your selected countertop. I would suggest a light colored 'no pattern' material, similar to the off-white of the countertop so your kitchen keeps a clean feeling.

    For the floor, I would suggest a medium dark gray tile. A medium dark gray will be in keeping with the stainless steel tone and allow the cabinets to be your focal point, i.e. won't become a distracting element. I'd suggest "ASI Porcelain Wood Grains FLCCD752 from Architectural Systems" or a warmer version of this tile which has a grain effect without looking like a fake wood, and assuming it works with other flooring in your home. So to repeat, you're current color palette is fine, silver (appliances), reddish of the cabinets and your beautiful countertop. Work with those colors and you should be fine, and perhaps dress up the window too. Good luck and enjoy your new kitchen.
  • feeny
    I can't quite tell what the accent color is in your granite, but I agree that keeping it light and simple would be ideal. Plain stacked tile in the background shade in your granite would be nice, or possibly something like one of these:

    Chestnut Hill kitchen · More Info

    Ontare Residence · More Info
  • happiwifehappilife
    @flair lighting, thank you. Lighting has been considered. There are four five-inch recessed LEDs on a dimmer for the ceiling lights. Low-voltage Armacost LED Tape Lighting is used for countertop lighting as well as toe kick and crown accent lighting, each with seperate dimmer. Two dimmed pendents (Asian accent) are over the sink. LED pucks are at the top within each glass front upper cabinet, again with dimmer. And of course adjustable lights within the range hood. We love accent lighting as well as plenty of light to work by.
  • flopsycat1
    OK, so the container filled with chopsticks looks a little forced, but this is what I got when I searched for Asian inspired kitchens. The simple, linear glass backsplash looks nice anyway.
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  • intown123
    For flooring look at daltile veranda tones and fabrique. I like the veranda tones zen garden and the fabrique soliel linen but they have darker available (I have the veranda bamboo forest as a bathroom floor in my home).
    I really like feeny's first backsplash photo.
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  • happiwifehappilife
    @simpletwig, I like the idea of medium dark gray tile. What pattern or design would you suggest? I found Architech Systems but couldn't find FLCCD752. Do you have a link? The toe kick is ready to go on once the flooring is complete.
  • happiwifehappilife
    @flair, the fan is just visible in the first of the pictures I submitted. It is a Luna by Gulf Coast Fans, brushed aluminum, 42 inch with four blades and light kit. See http://www.amazon.com/Contemporary-Ceiling-Brushed-Aluminum-Integrated/dp/B00B2QJA52.
  • happiwifehappilife
    @flopsycat1, do you have a link to this linear glass backsplash or any info, manufacturer, etc?
  • adivra
    It's looking really good. Simple tile for the backsplash, pick a light color from the stone. Clear the counters for the look you're going for by containing things on a tray, and lose the table lamp on the counter. I would at least shorten the double pendant or remove it and install another recessed light..

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