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What color area rug works in this room?

May 25, 2012
last modified: May 25, 2012
Should I match the color of my area rug to the sofa (gray) or to the wall color (beige)
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Comments (38)

  • lefty47
    HI - How about a modern rug with some reds in it. You have red in your room now and that would bring some life to the room. The base color of the rug should be more neutral off white.
  • travel_catchlight
    Thanks lefty... I did take this carpit back, and I'm still looking. I like the idea of a neutral off white too!
  • PRO
    Susan Mills Design
    Hi there travel, I like this one from Capel, they make wonderful rugs and should be available anywhere in North America. However depending on budget I have also found lovely rugs at Home Sense occasionly. I love the pattern on this rug and it has the greys and the beige of the wall as well as cream and I think the pattern of the chairs would work with it. Rugs do cover one of your larger surfaces so you really do need to love it. Keep trying until you just know.

    Susan Mills
  • tweva
    Instead of changing the rug, have you thought of changing the wall color? It would help make the room look more alive and pull it altogether.
  • travel_catchlight
    Thanks for the idea on the rug Susan... I'm going to keep looking for something with beige and gray!
  • PRO
    Joni Koenig Interiors
    I would suggest a carpet with more overall color. Definitely paint the walls, and rethink your television stand.
  • Jennifer Crouch
    There is a paint color that is a deep deep rose that looks red, or a red with blue undertones rather than orange. Marichino cherry with a touch or blue gray added to mute it a tad. It will not clash with your rose chair and it will make your two chairs and couch pop while actually toning down the rose chair! Then a solid or scroll gray rug (two tones of gray) would be more than enough on the floor.
    The rug you have here is not very appealing in a block tonal pattern...not the same vibe as those wonderful two chairs.
  • travel_catchlight
    Thanks Jennifer....I returned the gray rug already :-)
  • betsyweisberg
    I suggest a natural fiber rug- pottery barn has some great ones at a good price.
    Add a glass top coffee table with some interesting coffee table books.
    The placement of the tv is a bit awkward as all the other furniture faces away from it.
    But if this is the only place it can go, a tv corner corner cabinet would do wonders.
    As for the walls-a light grey with crisp white trim. The art work could also use a face lift.
    Over the grey sofa a large focal piece, a black and white photo would look great.
    On the other wall,Change out the remaining frames so the match.
    Update the lamp shades the white drums.
    Good luck it's. Great space!!
  • Jennifer Crouch
    P.S. www.homedecorators.com You can shop by rug color. TVs are a pain by the way! Good luck there...we got one at lowes that was unfinished wood and stained it, probably the least expensive solution if you want to match something. There are several rugs at the website
    that would look great from natural to cream to gray tonaly that are elegant enough to go with your furniture.
  • Michelle Hayes
    I would bring in patterned rug, like a bold stripe, with the gray, or the coral. It would modernize the room a bit and also help to ground the floor!
  • portpiro
    I love everything in the room except that pink chair and ottoman. That's what you need to get rid of or recovered. It's dominating the space and you are spending all this time trying to tie it in with a rug. Upholstered in a grey and white stripe or even a cranberry and white stripe if you love that colour and the rug you featured in the pic would have been fine. Even recovering or replacing the ottoman with a simpler charcoal grey cube would help greatly.
  • mwhite
    I think you are trying to create a more updated look with out dated furnishings. The pink has to go , as well as the coffee table and small tv table. My suggestion would to be take everything out and add the sofa & matching chairs back as well as the stepped end table. The Susan Mills rug could then work as well as something similar. The prints & frames do not relate and maybe can be used in another room. Pick one theme for these and follow through with frames that are all similar. Maybe even black & white prints if you like. I know you were trying to bring in the burgandy color as an accent but use it in small pieces such as a bowl, books etc. Add an updated coffee table and maybe a hanging drum shade lamp between the two chairs and a few living things...plants and flowers. You already have the good bones going in this room so you are half way there!
  • datorrance
    a splash of red in the carpet would be great. You should try hanging your tv amongst your artwork, giving it a not so obvious look. You might want to take out the rose colored chair and move the two matching chairs across from the sofa, possibly putting the tv and art work where those two chairs were? Just a thought or two! Good luck.
  • Kate L
    I agree with mwhite. You need to definitely remove the pink chair and ottoman, the coffee table and tv. Larger and brighter pillows would also go a long way. Rethink the pictures in just reselecting and rearranging.
  • PRO
    Michael Taylor Interiors
    is that chair an ottoman pink? you may love that...but it looks like the elephant in the room. I agree with others remove it, if you can. IF NOT and its a family piece, I'm agree with others too, something vibrant and RED, if you bring a vibrant red in the room it will tone the pink down and also bring out the color of your matching chairs....bring some color in the room....
  • kellypotter
    I would include the tv in your picture arrangement on the wall. If you could cover the pinkish read wing chair and stool in stripes to coordinate with the other furniture and a lively colourful rug would complete. Yes and paint the walls possibly in soft gray.
  • helencats
    Nice job with picture arrangement. Move your couch out from the wall a bit. Do something with the tv. Overall everything else looks good. Take a deep breath and take you time with any other changes you want to make. You will know what to do next.
  • brinkmister
    Did anyone suggest to put a black lamp shade on the brass lamp in the right had corner?
    I just bought one from Ethan Allen and I love it. Yours looks very similar, so check out Ethan Allen on-line for inspiration. It wouldn't cost very much to find a black lamp shade. Try Home Goods/TJMaxx.
  • travel_catchlight
    WOW... thanks for all the great comments everyone! I added a few more photos without the rug. And a few different view's of the room.
    The wingback chair is not pink, it's more of a deep rose color. It was custom made and larger than normal wingback chairs...
  • 3wanda
    I agree with what has been said.Your room has great bones and you are off to a good start. The large wingback chair and ottoman, however, look dated. I suggest having them recovered. The television looks as if it is about to crash to the floor. How about a more substantial table or cabinet? Change out the coffee table and end table, add a rug (Pottery Barn) and your place will look great. Your two print chairs and sofa are wonderful. Pull out those colors for your rug.
  • athtex
    Great start to your room- Are you looking for a more modern look or not? If so, then I agree w/ a graphic rug in grey, creams, & maybe throw in a bit of turquoise or green. If not modern, then you might consider a trellis patterned rug in gray/cream or again consider turquoise/lt blue, green, or yellow. I understand you want to keep the rose chair, but I would move the ottomon to a different room (too much rose in one spot) & add a throw to the chair to break some of the color up. You also might consider flipping your print chairs & the wingback, so you can put TV on that wall on a console. Might also consider removing coffee table & using something smaller & lighter w/ glass-(or maybe 2 pieces?) Have fun!
  • shal_sen
    Forget the rug, your room looks much better, bigger and brighter without it
  • PRO
    Bella Designs
    I would change out or cover the pink chair first of all. It becomes the focal point of the room as it stands out now. Your wall and sofa are contrasting neuteral colors which is good, your chairs have a pattern with what looks like some red, thats good, and i love the red pillows on the sofa. If the pink chair were red it would work, but i would go with one of the other colors in the patterend chairs. then I would toss a trhrow over the ottoman in one the contrasting colors of the room, also that same color of throw, use on pillows for the patterened chair. Now the rug.....background the color of your walls, with gray and red accents and possibly the additional color from the patterend chairs. I would also consider doing an accent wall in gray, not quite as dark as your sofa, and of course not on the sofa wall. i hope this helps!
  • travel_catchlight
    Hello.. The wing back chair is a deep rose color, the same color as the rose petals on the two matching chairs and pillows on sofa.
  • lefty47
    HI -- Even though you have a mixture of styles in this room , it all works . It's a nice inviting room . I know you still have to find the perfect rug , but you will know it when you see it. Perhaps look for a rug that is a tone on tone with a modern trellis or grid pattern in a creamy or off white color. And when all fails - you can'[t go wrong if you get a sisal looking wool rug. I know you want to deal with the TV - it just doesn't look stable - so hang it on an articulating mount bracket on the wall and store the TV stuff in a cabinet under. And I think you have to get some beautiful semi- sheer drapes to replace the office blinds. I like the way you have displayed your pictures and wall decor and that shows me that you do have the eye. I know others will say the wing chair is too big but that's OK -it is probably Daddy's chair -right ?It's fine . Good Job !
  • ccaze
    This room seems to be more of a quiet retreat than a "family" room. Do you need the TV here at all? Have you tried the sofa where the two print chairs are? The sofa is a smaller scale than the other pieces. Having it opposite the large window would make the window the focal point of the room. The large size of the print chairs would reced being farther back in the room. Why not make the rug optional--here in winter, gone in summer. A smaller area rug to emphasize the sofa coffee table area. OR why not put sofa in front of window, print chairs (where sofa is now), and beautful traditional chair angled at entrance to the room. Continue with smaller rug/coffee table arrangement. ALL major elements in front of focal window. Reading pole lamp next to wing chair. Add small bookcase for reading material--voila--adult hideaway.

    YOU DO have an eye. Be a little more pronounced (bolder) with what you like. Play with it!!

    PS Pick your rug color in winter--the light is different in the room.
  • karen7070
    Before I looked at all the pictures, my first comment was to get rid of the rug it clutters the room big time,....so glad you are not using it anymore.
  • sandiplants
    I have fallen in love with one of your pictures. The large one on left that looks like a print of pine tree and owl. Any chance you know who did it or where I could get a copy?? Thanks ps love all the ideas!
  • ccaze
    I just noticed you have a tray ceiling! A pale grey (I mean REALLY pale) here with white molding would be stunning. You seem to prefer traditional and this would work. Semi-sheer drapes (which is what I thought you had) would be good as someone pointed out. A SLIGHTLY darker shade of grey on your walls would create a layered look. Your winged chair would then be showcased well. What about some plants in all of this!! Bring some life to your palette. Consider some needlwork mixed in your room to lend another element of traditional. Have you thought of looking through books that would show how decorating was in the time of your wing chair?
  • Faireden
    Sorry if this idea is a repeat but a soft blue, sort of a robin's egg blue with some of the other colors in the room repeated in it. The rose/pink chair and ottoman would really pop against the blue. Then use the blue and pink in a few other places in the room.
  • travel_catchlight
    Thanks for all the comments everyone! wow, this is the first time I've used houzz, and didn't think I would have so many responses! I'm more confused then ever from all the different opinions....lol I'll try a few comments with furniture re-arrangement, first on my list is to have new drape's made....I've never liked the vertical blinds, but they came with the house. I've been here 11 years, so it's time for a change!!! lol
  • travel_catchlight
    sandiplants... the large photo over the sofa is of a white crane in bamboo. It has a oriental feel to it which I love. I use to have green chairs with a peach sofa, and it matched nicer... but just can't part with it. I may have to add some green/tourquize to my room :-) I purchased the print about 17 years ago from sears.
  • Faireden
    Look as objectively as you can at the photos and you will notice that the scale is slightly off in this room. There are two distinct ways you can go with this; either go for the large scale less is way more or keep all pieces to the same scale. Same with a rug it should be scaled to fit your room, if you can have about 1 foot between the edge of the rug and the wall, so it should be the same general shape as the room.
  • PRO
    Debra Blake Design
    I have an idea...how about you put the sofa on the longest wall which I think may be the window wall. Then a bigger coffee table in front of the sofa. Run one chair off the end of the coffee table and the other off the other end, no angles. Try the TV across from the sofa on that console table I see by the doorway... Flank the sofa on each end with the end tables and matching lamps with linen drum shades. Your art can be arragned beside the Tv and purchase 1 large canvas for the back wall. The carpet should be at least an 8x10 and add some lovely cream and grey print down filled pillows on the sofa and put the grey ones on the chairs. Give that a try and post some pics. I think you will like that, it will feel tighter and better balanced. good luck!
  • J
    I like your wing backed chair. But I'd think about removing the ottoman as its heavy and dominating. Something with legs like the chair would work better and reduce the perceived bulk. Agree with everyone on the tv and new window coverings. Looks like the big wingback is the favourite tv viewing seat... Decide where the tv can go then see about rearranging the lounges to fit. Square them up like it was suggested already. And get a cute rug :) really helps to bring it together
  • Aida H.
    I am not a professional designer but many people who have come to my home say I have a good design esthetic. My penny's worth:
    Your furniture choices are quite eclectic; try unifying some features to help the pieces be more complimentary. For example, all the frames could be in a brushed-chrome and/or black with white mats, on both walls. The coffee table could be dry-brushed in a chestnut or black gel stain to coordinate with the darker wood furnishings. If this is a formal living room, banish the TV from this room in its entirety, place it in a family room if you have one. If not, I would focus on getting a cabinet/credenza that is in scale with the TV and would support it better; this table is an accident waiting to happen, especially if you have young ones. With a better piece of furniture for the TV, you may be able to rearrange the seating to be more conducive to viewing. Also, I would get a rug that has a print of gray, cream/white and red colors. Not too busy but that would compliment the accent chairs you already have. Again, not a designer; just a frugal home decorator.

    If this is a formal living room, banish the TV from this room in its entirety, place it in a family room if you have one. If not, I would focus on getting a cabinet/credenza that would balance out the area where you have the television (table is an accident waiting to happen, especially if you have young ones.) With a better piece of furniture for the TV, you may be able to rearrange the seating to be more conducive to viewing. Also, I would get a rug that has a print of gray, cream/white and red colors. Not too busy but that would compliment the accent chairs you already have.
  • Janie Burton
    I would just paint the walls a soft gray and everything else in the room would look fine. You could change your rug to patterned one in a small Ikat design, for example, in grey tones. But I think the simple paint color change is the key!

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