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Ceiling Height 10 or 12 feet?

10 years ago
We are designing our new home and have no idea how high to make the ceilings. the plan is 4600sf under air and 7200sf under roof. spanish med style. right now we have 10 ft ceilings throughout. we stepped them up to 12 feet in the master bedroom and study. and our family room is double volume 22 ft i believe. it is an open floor plan 5 br with a second floor that has 3br and 2 bath. (for our kids) at 9 ft ceilings.

is there a recommended ceiling height based on room size? is 10 ft appropriate or should we go with 12 ft? will 12 feet significantly increase building costs? will 12 feet significantly increase cooling costs? we live in Tampa so we are not too concerned with heating costs as we do not use heat that often.


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