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How to fix too-firm couch cushions?

7 years ago
I have a new Pottery Barn Cameron sectional, white denim slipcover. Love the way it looks, but it's way-beyond-firm to sit on. (Dumb mistake disclaimer: Yes, I know I should have been more careful when I was sit-testing in the store, asked more questions, etc.)

The seat cushion inserts are 4" of green foam in the middle with 1" of softer white foam on the top and bottom, with a layer of poly batting about 3/4" to 1" thick as the final outside layer on top and bottom. (This is a large sectional, so there are five cushions 30" wide x 26" deep, plus a corner wedge.)

The cushions feel overstuffed and taut. I'd like sink-in-and-relax comfort - but I don't want to have to fluff up the cushion each time it's sat upon. Is there a way to achieve this? Could I replace some of the existing layers with down or something else for more comfort?

The seat back cushions are also stiff and unyielding. They are stuffed with poly, with an inner bag that is also poly stuffed. What could I do to make them so they are more comfortable, yet able to maintain their shape without constant fluffing?

Thanks for your advice!

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