Short Deck Tour & Grafts (pic heavy)

9 years ago

I've just begun and will have at least twice as many containers once I'm finished. Just a short photo tour. I'll continue to post during the months forward as the color begins to show.

Thanks and enjoy.











Some of my favorite photos of this years grafts:

The best color of blue spruce I have ever seen. That standard to compare them all with is a cultivar called 'Hoopsi'. This is just spectacular. Expect it to become mainstream in the USA in 5-years from mail-order companies.

Picea pungens 'MPH Mamut Torony'


Abies concolor 'Sourek Hexe' (Rocky Mountain White fir) this is a dwarf witches' broom:


Abies koreana 'Wellenseind' (with pollen I saved and luckily was provided a male-cone on another cultivar Korean fir cultivar I grafted)


Here's the lucky pollen recipient and the cone that was in the perfect stage for pollination.

Abies koreana 'Blue Magic'



Larix decidua 'Lucek' - European larch


Abies concolor 'Bedon' (Rocky Mountain White fir)

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