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how to place a lamp post?

16 years ago


I just discovered your site, and I'm hoping someone out there can advise me. I purchased a tall (nearly 8') 3 light lamp post on clearance last year and now need to figure exactly where I should put it. How does one know how much light will be cast by a lamp post of this height? Is there some kind of rule of thumb?

I want it to cast light on the walkway & stairs but the problem is this: The stairs go down either side of a small 6' wide porch. On the right side as you face the house there is a motion detector light that goes on when you hit the bottom step (if you are lucky). The left side has a small mission style lamp (that doesn't cast light very far) next to the left of the doorway.

I need the light on the left and I want some of the light on the right (as you face the house)... I think it needs to go somewhere in the middle, but I'd hate to have to dig up my hollies to put it there unless I really have to.

The other complicating factor is although the stairs have little balusters that let light in, the porch itself has a solid wall.

If the light will reach the steps, I'm thinking that I would like to place the post about 8' diagonally off the left of the porch making it almost even with the bottom step albeit about 6 feet west of the steps. I wonder how far the light will carry to the right from there and will it help as one descends the stairs?

I haven't built the walkway yet so I can be somewhat flexible in that regard. I chose to let the dogs select the best path as they will go there anyway whether I plan for it or not!

Who knew this would become such a stumbling block for me when I scoffed up the bargain light?! Thank you in advance for any help.

Regards, the baffled Bungalow-Babe!

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