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Shrub ideas for front of house

April 8, 2013

This is my first time posting to this forum and I am a novice. I welcome any ideas. I am looking for some suggestions on shrubs we could use along the front of the house. Last year we tore out lots of yews, a few monster rhododendrons and 2 hemlocks (30 ft) that totally covered the front of the house. We dug up roots, roto-ed, fertilized and then mulched the area. It's a western exposure. We get sun mid-day to evening. This afternoon light is blocked by the two Red Oaks, so it's not direct sun. Many homes have rhododendrons and I'd like to use something else. Perhaps a few different types and colors and sizes? The total length across the front of the house is 25 feet. The windows run along 15 ft. The depth is 10 feet. Any ideas on how many and how high? I'd like to get something tall on the right of the space (opposite side of the porch). There is a gap in the Junipers close to the house that I'd like to cover up so we can't see the neighbor's driveway. Just not sure how to "shape" the space (width, heigth and placement). The elm in the front yard throws off the lines and I'd very much like to keep it there. Thanks for any input.This is our first step. We will also want to plant flowers in and around these shrubs. Thanks to all !

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  • TodZone5

    Another photo that shows the open space that we want to block.

  • TodZone5

    One last photo that I hope helps.

  • PRO

    Can you add a photo which shows the area at the right side of the yard (that is now black)?

    Please elaborate on what "... a few different types and colors and sizes?" means to you. The comment is making me think that "plant collecting" might be more your goal than landscaping ...?

    In general, street trees contribute a better effect by framing a view of the house, than than by screening or obliterating the view of it. A general rule of thumb is that the tree branches are better not covering any of the view of the first floor. (It becomes more discretionary after that.) So you might consider removing any low-hanging branches while they're small and easy to remove. I'd also remove any that will be likely to hang lower in the near future. While there are some exceptions in which the low-hanging branches are intentionally kept, this does not appear to be one of them.

  • TodZone5

    The second photo shows the section of the house that you asked about. I was thinking of using shrubs that only grow only as high as the bottom of the front windows and keeping them pruned. I just wanted to away from using the very commonly used rhodendrons in many neighborhoods around us. I hope this helps. Thank you for your help.

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