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Miracle Gro LIQUAFEEDER question for my pots

14 years ago

Hi, I have about 30 plus potted plants and flowers in my yard. I'm having company from out of town and my usual organic fertilizer (Dr.Earth) isn't going to keep my blooms or get them to "hurry up" and make more blooms in time. So I had the idea of this Miracle Gro liquafeed thing. In having a really good liquid concentrate dilution mixer that you attach to the hose, pick a dilution rate and go (22 settings from 1.5 tsp. to over 8oz and all in between) so I bought the refill pack and thought I'd figure it out when I got home. Wouldn't you know it, on the bottle and the Miracle Gro site it doesn't say anywhere the diluation rate (they want you to buy their kit mixer) and seem to want to keep this thing secret. The bottle is 16 oz. and is 12-4-8. Does anybody have an idea how I should dilute this in my feeder? Any ideas would be great. I know under diluting is better than over doing it so I don't "burn" the plants, but I'd like to get it as close as possible for maximum effect. Thank you, Nicole

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