I am finding animosity in regards to container gardening

9 years ago

and I was wondering WHY it is that people say you cannot grow certain plants, like roses, in containers? I really don't understand why I catch such flack for the fact that I have over 40 roses in pots, and they are doing ten times better then the ones I have in the ground. Faster growing, healthier foliage, more flowers. I think its because I can control the soil and their nutrients and water intake so well to each plants needs versus plants in the ground. I can cater to each plants specific likes and dislikes this way. I have some roses that are 4-5 foot tall and 3-4 foot wide growing in planters about 4-5 gallon sized. I have no problems, but other forum member say things like "no rose in a pot is going to do as well as one in the ground" quite often. My flowers are doing really well in my eyes....

This is from last fall


and this is now


I had to make 3 rows instead of one and really need to spread them out more....I guess I am just trying to figure out WHY thse who do things differently than me think their way is better and am looking for some encouragement. LOL

I have learned a lot about soil, water and fertilizer from this forum...thanks for all your insight!

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