Material to make watering wick for vacation

12 years ago

I'm going on vacation for 9 days. I have some indoor plants and some containers I'll bring inside from outside. I wanted to setup a watering system using a container of water, then having a wick go from the water to the soil (from the top, not bottom, of the plant). Just to test the theory, I wanted to see how it worked last night, so just used a rolled up paper towel going from some tupperware into a glass that was below it. When I woke up, the entire glass was full and the tupperware was completely emptied of water. So obviously something like a paper towel isn't good to use if it worked that fast! :) What kind of material do you suggest for this? I've heard braided cotton, where would one buy this ? I'm looking for a response like, "GO to walmart and buy [insert exact material]" :-)


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