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Understanding Container Sizes and Their Volumes

17 years ago

While trying to find out the minimum size of a container, I ran across some confusing information.

I've been looking on this forum to discover the minimum size container for an indeterminate plant. Whild doing so I came across a post that said a 10" diamter pot was 3 gallons, and a 12" diameter pot is 5 gallons.

Is this correct? Last year I had download a table from the internet re: soil to fill various size pots. I've copied it below in casy anyone would find it useful. According to this table, a 10" pot holds 5 quarts, and a 12" pot holds 12 quarts. Even if these figures allow for not filling the container completely to the top, 12 qts is only 3 gallons and leaving an inch or two at the top of a pot won't explain a 2 gallon difference.

Is this chart wrong? Am I confusing apples with oranges and misunderstanding somehow by thinking in liquid measure?

Any help would be much appreciated. (Hint: that means you, Tapla) LOL

Thanks in advance,


How much soil do I need?

How many times have you wondered about the amount of potting soil you need to fill a flower pot? This should help: Happy Planting!

Pot Diameter in INCHES.....Soil needed in QUARTS

8".........3 QT

10".......5 QT

12".....12 QT

14".....18 QT

16".....22 QT

20".....28 QT

24".....36 QT

30".....72 QT

36".....96 QT

Window Boxes

6' x 6"x 6".....3 cubic feet

4' x 6" x 6"....1 1/2 cubic feet

every 2' of window box: add 1 cubic foot of potting soil

I apologize for not being able to credit the source of this information; usually I try to save the details of where I found helpful things, but I must have been in a hurry when I saved this because the reference isn't there.

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