Leggy seedlings...start over or just germinate outdoors?

8 years ago

Hi all, obviously by the post title, I'm a newbie at this and making mistakes already! Last year, I planted seeds and starts directly in garden beds, but I wanted to try starting from seed this year, but...the results so far have been tall, spindly little plants with two little leaves, and I'm finding out that my seedlings are being described by those in the know as "leggy". They're 3 weeks old at this point and about 3-4 inches tall with two, tiny leaves, and it seems they're stalled at that point. Some of them are toppled over; some of them have been moved to larger pots and just died altogether.

They grew in warm, moist conditions in a bright, sunny room (2 large windows and one french door, but this is Portland and there's not much sun here at all).

I just ordered a grow light from Amazon and should have it tomorrow, and I was wondering if y'all could help with two things I'm determined to achieve:
1) I want a decent crop of veggies / fruits to preserve at the end of the season
2) I want to use at least some seedlings this year to learn how to do them the right way.

I'm growing a whole bunch of things, but the main plants I'd like to see be successful are: tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and watermelon. I'm planting in raised garden beds and pots only.

Since I'll have a grow light this weekend, is it too late to get the seeds started at this point? TIA for any advice!

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