Dug up yard only to find huge pebble garden...what now?

14 years ago


I just spent the day digging up the "lawn" (and I use that word loosely) that covered a roughly 9 x 9' area in front of my house. I intended to plant a mixture of salvias and other plants in the cleared area.

I had let the lawn die, and as I dug it up today, it came up easily. However I was shocked to discover a layer of white gravel/pebbles underneath. I filled a large trashcan with what I was able to get up, and will continue to try to get more of the pebbles up, but as they are mixed into the soil, I'll never get them all up. I also found a mysterious large piece of concrete that doesn't seem to be removable. My question is, if I put some more soil over the current dirt pebble mixture and then mulch, will anything grow?

Thank you!


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