Poona Kheera cucumbers

May 6, 2008

Has anyone grown these cucumbers?

How was the flavor?

How was production?

I purchase some from Fedco seeds to try out. They do grow fast, I started them 6 days ago and they are already 2" tall with a 100% germination.



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  • jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)


    I am also growing them for the first time this year. I am glad to hear about the growth and germination.

    Here is a link to a discussion about cucs.


    Here is a link that might be useful: Discussion about Cucs

  • duajones

    I have grown the variety several times now, both spring and fall. Flavor is good, mild and sweet sort of for my taste buds. I prefer to harvest them before they turn brown as they are milder at that point. Fast growing and very productive in my garden. Extemely early as I have had fruit as early as 40 or so days from seed

  • deanriowa

    Do they produce through the whole season, or should I plant some more in mid-summer for a fall harvest?


  • jinnylea

    I too am growing Poona Kheera for the first time. Cant wait till the soil warms so I can direct seed. I am planning on growing up a trellis.

    Dean, I see your in zone 4b, did you start your seeds in pot's/containers ? I was deciding today wether or not to start mine in pot's inside but decided to wait and direct sow outdoors when the soil has warmed as it only takes about 40 day's or so to get fruit. I already have plenty of other thing's I have started inside so I guess I can wait on these cukes.

  • deanriowa

    I started them indoors last week, they growing great. I will be planting them outside next week, I hope, but it depends upon the weather, because it has been a chilly and wet spring in my area.

    I have to plant everything inside as I have squirrel issues. They love to dig up my seeds. Last year, I did not get a cucumber in the ground until mid June, because of the squirrels.


  • duajones

    Last summer they were still producing but I ended up with a bad pickleworm problem. Where you are at, it may produce through summer. If not, they grow pretty fast so resowing wouldnt be a big deal

  • deanriowa

    How long and width do they get?

    Mine are 3" to 4" long and maybe 1 1/2" width and starting to change color. They range in colors of darker green, light green, yellow, to a light brown. I thought they would be bigger, they look more like a pickling cucumber. Is this normal?


  • mrswaz

    I wanted to post that I'm loving my Poona Kheera's thus far. They are a smaller cucumber- and go from green to a yellowish-orange when ripe, and then they start to turn brownish. From the yellow to the brownish stage they are delicious. They are very crispy and are definitely a sweeter cucumber. I will be growing these again and again. I am curious to see how long the plants produce, but they are definitely a fantastic slicing cucumber.

  • deanriowa

    The Poona Kheera were a hit and have earned themselves a permanent place in my garden. They are looking nice once again this year.

    I am also trying this year the following cucumbers: General Lee, Sikkim, Suhyo Long and Super Zagross Middle Eastern Slicing.


  • linjoh

    I'm growing these for the first time this year. They are delicious sliced fresh. Did anyone try pickling them? If so, how did they turn out?


  • Rockyandmona_yahoo_com

    I got my seeds from cherry gal. They did not grow well. The last one just died. What did I do wrong

  • AileenEdword

    I'm growing these for the first time this yearand got good result. They are delicious sliced fresh. They are very crispy and are definitely a sweeter and watery. I will be growing these every year.

    Here is a link that might be useful: mightygarden:about garden

  • tathey60_yahoo_com

    Just had our first one today. We all loved it, especially the kids! They love fresh cucumbers! I have had mine in the ground about a month but I bought plants and not seeds.

  • evelyninalaska

    My poona's are beautiful EXCEPT for the fact that I have 0 cucumbers...! I have a trizillion flowers and 0 fruit set... I know nothing about this variety except that everyone in the world is eating them except me. I'm sad. Is this the sort of variety that has male and female flowers by chance???

  • coolseattle

    I am trying to grown them this year in our unusually cool Seattle spring and summer. They have finally started but now the leaves have mildew. does anyone else have this problem?

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