How do you cut your own sweet potato slips?

10 years ago

I have read all sweet potato posts/threads in Garden Web, but we still have questions.

From reading previous threads on the subject it seems that water roots and soil roots are different so soil roots need to be grown separately. We found out after they were already soaking in water and held by toothpicks, with greenery overflowing, so it is too late now. We also read (from these forums) that cutting the sweet potato in pieces is not the thing to do. Now we have sweet potato starts and we were thinking about cutting a little cone around the slips and plant them. Is this right? any other advice on how to start them on the ground? We are thinking containers, in a hot and sunny spot. We seek primarily information on how to cut the slips out, and what to do with them. If this is the way I understand it the same sweet potato (mother) that was used can be reused again and again? like a bottomless source of slips? Here are some pictures, perhaps it will make it easier to answer our questions this way. They do look nice, don't they? We are pretty excited about growing them.




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