Myth or reality? Hot peppers making sweet peppers taste hot...

May 26, 2014

I hear from so many that Hot Peppers can make Sweet Peppers hot if planted next to each other. Also hear now that Hot Peppers can mix with Tomatoes and throw the Tomato flavor off.

I've always thought this was a myth. The seeds could be accidental F1 hybrids but the pepper itself stays the same.

Some claim that the seeds themselves might make the ribs hot even if the sweet pepper is normal.

Can you settle this and start spreading the correct info?

Another thing that annoys me how many people now think Green Pepper plants are different from Red Pepper plants. Of course, there are many varieties and some Bells that claim it is easier to get better looking red bells. Has this green versus red pepper always been a common confusion, or are people just more ignorant now?
The nurseries now sell them as "Green Bells" and "Red Bells" to cater to the ignorance.

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