What's your opinion on Kellogg soil?

12 years ago

Specifically, the Patio Plus, as seen here:

Kellogg soil

I know not everyone has this stuff available, so my apologies if this post doesn't apply to those of you who do not.

I'm not sure whether this stuff is any good or not, although the texture is quite nice and loose with a fair amount of perlite in it, and is supposed to contain worm castings, chicken manure, and bat guano also (and whooooa boy, it sure smells like there's some kind of poop in there). The guy at the nursery told me that it's really popular in the PNW, but not as popular here in our area because people don't know how great it is, and they go reaching for what they know - which is usually Miracle Grow or SuperSoil.

If you had to choose between the Kellogg Patio Plus, MG Potting Mix, and SuperSoil for putting into containers and/or raised beds, which would you go with, and why? These are pretty much my only 3 choices, other than paying some $15/1.5 cu ft. for the stuff my local nursery touts as being "the best" or making my own... and as far as I've seen, Home Depot doesn't even carry the sorts of things I'd need in order to make my own, so as I continue trying to learn and improve upon my gardening attempts, I need to know which is the lesser of 3 evils, so to speak, lol.


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