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Where Can You Get Free 55 Gallon Plastic Barrels?

December 17, 2006

Where can you get free 55 gallon plastic barrels?

I used to pick them up at the local Pepsi distributor. They got syrup in them and after they extracted all the syrup out of them they would give them to people who came to get them.

But recently, corporate adopted a new policy prohibiting the plants from giving the barrels away.

So I need a new source, since in the spring I'm going to be teaching seniors how to grow vegetables in plastic half barrels and want to give each student their own barrel to take home to start their own little veggie farm.

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  • brookster

    I have an offer to buy three barrels. One had formaldehyde and two had gas in them. Are those okay to use for vegetable garden containers
    I doubt it but wanted to check here.

  • Wallkill14

    Seeking food grade 55 gal drums for school and community based rain barrel projects in Sussex Co. New Jersey. Hope to find a source of free to VERY inexpensive drums for New Jersey Watershed Ambassador Program. I would be interested in up to 20 barrels.

  • Resol6000

    Anyone around TN know where i can get me one of this 55 gallon plastic barrels?


  • crissy_garcia84

    I have been trying to contact member: dgemillers... I am interested in the empty drums/barrels you have if you could please e-mail me I'm looking to get some very soon. I also need quite a few and can arrange for them to be picked up as well. my email is cristinag@thomsoninternational.net. If you no longer have any I'm sorry for bugging and please disregard this. Thank you for your time..

  • pitimpinai

    Check with your fire departments. My neighbor who is a fireman gave me two 55 gallon drums that fire retardant foam comes in. He said there are plenty of them where they come from.

    I also bought food grade 55 gallon drums from craigslist for $25 each. Now I have 5 rain barrels in my garden.

  • Contrastify7

    @ dgemiller

    Please send me your contact info so I can submit a delivery order. I'm in Gilbert, Az. would greatly appreciate semi bulk amount. Are they food grade/? I'm implementing them for an Aquaponics system.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Where Can You Get Free 55 Gallon Plastic Barrels?

  • Big.J1961

    Can anyone help with blue barrels with lid's in P.A.?

  • pinkypinky

    Greetings all in need of barrels. I have an abundance of them and sometimes can just give them away and sometimes charge up to 10 dollars for them depending on how many I have. The barrels are in Southern California. they are the beautiful bright blue high grade plastic from italy. slender bottoms and have covers, I can include pictures. We use them to do a base membrane for a green grass roof. the material is like a paint, no odor and non toxic and what little in left can be scraped out of rinsed out. we do not deliver , you need to pick them up. right now I have 8 of them for free in Hollywood in an alley. Please contact me asap for details. In 2 weeks I will have 36 more.

  • petek48

    I live in North Aurora IL and Im looking for 4 to 6 55 gal plastic barrels perferably with them sealed up all the way around so I can make 2 DIY spinning composting bins and 2 rain barrels we only have 1 income so its hard to buy them if thir exspensive can someone please help ps man its hard learning how to compost without the right equipment.

  • seyram

    Where can I get a 55 gallon plastic open headed barrel at a very good price $10- $20.

    I live in Sussex New Jersey (ifumey@yahoo.com)

  • jctsai8b

    You may check craiglist in your area

  • stillrael

    For those of you in the Cleveland, Ohio area...here is a good place to start


  • Carlos Hernandez

    Need 55 gallon barrels in Merced ca.email at mando209@live.com

  • Charles Hall

    does any1 know where i can get some NONTOXIC 55 gallon plastic drums around the Tupelo,MS area?

  • Christina Wilson

    I would like to have you get a hold of me im very interested in the 55 gal barrels I would like to see a pic of them and do they have a screw on lid thank you christi wilson

  • Christina Wilson

    My # is 719-568-4374 or Facebook me thanks

  • Kevin Suman

    Ive been looking for these barrels all summer, u just found the spot! While recycling my aluminum cans this weekend I noticed the place had about 10 of them, I asked and they gave me 2 for free! I suggest you check out aluminum can/scrap metal places and they'll most likely have the barrels we're all desperately trying to find! Just an idea, worked for me, good luck!

  • Allen Pauley
    of you are in our around the Cleveland Ohio area. I have plenty for sale. 55 gallon good grade barrels also rain barrels both sell anywhere from $15 to $50 cuyahoga rain barrels .check us out on Facebook or
  • Semi Makala

    Craigslist like other people said is a great option , but you might also wanna try this online classifieds site. It's just like Craigslist but you may get post exposure and widen your options.

  • Angela Hoult

    looking for barrels. To help us collect toy donations

  • Steven Bigbee

    Looking for barrels to help us gather toys for Ronald McDonald House. ..Please help.. Silvernblackhhfoundation.com

  • stillrael34

    We can help you in Cleveland with free barrels. cuyahogarainbarrels@gmail.com

  • allensharonj

    Looking for barrels. We live by Boise, ID. Any ideas?

  • Mary Broughton Stadter

    I'm looking for barrels (food grade ideally) to use for gardening with our scout group in the St. Louis MO area. Anyone know of a good place to ask near here?

  • mogardener

    Do you know anyone who works at a soft drink bottling plant? They sometimes will give away the syrup barrels, especially if it's for a good cause.

  • Ulrike Selleck

    Hi all! We live in rural Iowa. Want to build an inexpensive floating dock for our little pond. Any idea where to get those empty barrels in IOWA? Thank you!!

  • Jimmy Ramon

    Where can I get free plastic barrels in Carrizo Springs Texas

  • PRO
  • PRO

    I sell a lot of the plastic and metal barrel. But I'm in. Salem In. Text 812-896-3770

  • C T

    Mary, I also live in the general area of StL (IL) Please share any leads you get on rain barrels in our area! I'm looking as well. Probably two- four if need be to do my part to make a minimum shipping kinda thing for us both. I'm way more interested in the red/orange olive/pickle barrels though. The screw on lid. Thank you!

  • add007

    I'm in the Pittsburgh PA area and looking for free or extremely cheap barrels. Anyone know where I can find them?

  • mccjdavis

    I live in Sacramento and I'm looking for 55 gal barrel that has open top and cover that can be sealed/ locked for shipping. Please let me know where I may get one. Thanks

  • PRO
    Chemical used

    I live in roanoke va, I have many 15 gal barrels if you need those... let me know.

  • PRO
    Claria Johs

    I have many 55 , 30 gallon barrels if you need text me 520-422-6255

  • PRO
    Claria Johs
    I have many 55 gallon barrels for sale if interested text me 520-422-6255

  • gery

    I have 6, potable water, 55 gallon, blue barrels, never used and clean, in Irvine, CA, free if you pick up. gerysouza@yahoo.com. No solicitors please.

  • John Mayhugh

    If anybody in Northeast Ohio house for to get blue 55 gallon barrels let me know

  • Eric Fee Palmer

    Any available in northeast Iowa southwest Wisconsin area?

  • PRO
    Claria Johs

    Perfect water storage containers!
    This 55 Gallon Blue Poly Drum is optimally drainable (you can pour out a liquid to almost the last drop when the drum is tipped at an angle) text me 520-422-6255

  • Oren Tuvia

    Looking for free barrels hopefully find 12 in South Florida. Or if anyone knows where to get them!

  • bjducksprings

    I need 4 or 5 of these barrels. I live in Alabama. If anyone has or know of any near by please pm me?????

  • T H
    Need 2 free barrels for a school carnival - if you are located in central Indiana and have 2 let me know!
  • mushiigfx

    Hello, I'm in Plantation florida and looking for brand new 55 gallon food safe grade plastic (red barrel). I'd appreciate the help.

  • Felicia Hargrave

    I'm looking for plastic 55 gallon drums I need 220. Of them so I need a lot free is awesome but willing to pay if price is right please contact me through Facebook messenger I really could use the help in finding these. I live in Louisiana close to New Orleans. THANK YOU

  • harshad_b

    wanted two 55 gallon plastic drum for compositing in fort Myers fl

  • harshad_b

    please call 2399940547 Hershey's cell phone for above request

  • harshad_b

    wanted red wrigglers for worm bin in fort myers fl ...pl call on 2399940547 cell

  • HU-167956876

    Where to buy cheap 55 gal drum near here at Stafford Virginia .

  • Felix Ortiz

    I'm in Houston tx looking for 12 free plastic 55 gallon drums for rain water collection.collection.and 4 metal 55 gallon drums for recycling.


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