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Scionwood from ARS Geneva

8 years ago

I've just received scionwood from Geneva for the first time. I'm really blown away by how nice it looks, how much they sent and that they shipped it to me for free. They sent two sticks of most of the 11 varieties, each 12-15" long. Most are decently thick, with some just over 3/8". One of the types had only smaller twigs, but it looks like they included a few extras of that one. I was happy enough with the Maple Valley scionwood this spring, but this is even nicer.

It is enough scionwood that I'm considering getting a few more rootstocks. I'll also see which ones my father may want to try grafting. If anyone in the area (Harvestman?) wants to try any of them, let me know.

4 from last summer's high-brix list
Peau d'Ane- 21.6 brix, french russet.
KAZ 96 08-13 (4049 .c)- 13.8-19, yellow early-mid apple. Grown from a seed brought back from Kazakhstan.
Wellington Bloomless- 18.2, no petals on flowers should look interesting.
Blahova Ruzena- 18.2, hard, from Czech

2 recommended by Stephen Hayes
Winston (Winter King)- 10.1, An apple SH has been planting more of, due to demand. Per his YouTube videos, it is a great keeper with good flavor and a strong crunch. A strong pollinator, it sets too many apples and needs lots of thinning. The low brix listed in ARS is interesting. I can't imagine a 10 brix apple being as tasty as SH describes it. I wonder if the tree sampled wasn't thinned enough.
Adams's Pearmain- 15.1-16.3, Another of Stephen Hayes' favorites, which he likes for its disease resistance.

5 interesting ones
Scugog- 12.7-15.3, dark red flesh. Maybe I'll try breeding this with a large sweet apple...
KAZ 96 03-11 (613954)- 11.2, very early, probably in late July or early Aug. Nice aromatic flavor. Scionwood collected in Kaz.
KAZ 96 07-07 (613958)- 10.1, another very early apple. This one is supposed to have the strangest flavor of any of the Kaz apples: hazelnut-banana.
Court Pendu Rose- 16.9, I'm not sure if it is any different from the Court Pendu Plat (which I planted this past spring), but I'll give it a try. "flavor sweet, rich, perfumed; harvest season very late; late flowering"
Reinette Jamin- 16.8, very large (4" wide) bright green apple. There was no comment about the apple, other than the data set listing it as "acid".

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