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Quick potato hilling question

June 8, 2010

I'm about to hill my potatoes with straw. My question is do I pinch off the leaves that will be below the straw line, or just leave everything and let it do it's thing?

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  • the_pepper_guy

    I will first say that this is my first year growing potatoes, so the only info I can give is what I actually did. I did not pinch off the leaves I just added a bunch of straw. I prolly should have added more straw than what I did.

    This pic was taken 2 weeks ago. The plants are just starting to come up.

    THis pic was taken yesterday right after we put the straw on the potatoes. I wish I would have taken a pic before I hilled. The tallest plants are about 20-24 inches tall.

    Here is a link that might be useful: The Pepper Guy's Blog

  • remuda1

    Leave them, it's fine. Nice potato patch :)

  • capitalistbaby

    Thanks so much guys!

  • lealdragon

    Hi, I'm new here and new at gardening! My question is: How tall should the potato plants be when you add more dirt? And, do you completely cover them or leave the tops of the leaves showing? How much of the leaves do you leave? (no pun intended, haha) I've read conflicting advice...some say to cover them completely. I'm growing some in large pots and read that you could keep adding dirt and they'll keep producing new layers of spuds. Thanks!

    Here is a link that might be useful: use WATER instead of pesticides!

  • bcskye

    lealdragon, I always let my potato plants get about 6" tall then cover them except for a couple of leaves on top. You will get potatoes growing all the way up the plants except for red potatoes and Yukon Gold. Those two will only produce in the first 6" of soil.

  • jonhughes


    BELOW is a link to a video I made ON "HILLING"



    Here is a link that might be useful: Hilling Potatoes

  • Dan _Staley (5b Sunset 2B AHS 7)

    What - in my view - is also important here is the catalogs you choose to consume your seed and seed potatoes from. The ones I prefer walk you through these basic issues.

    If you are a noob, choose your catalogs according to how helpful they are.

    Way back when as I was starting my landscape design business, I bought from the most helpful catalogs. You should too.

    In this instance, the potato catalog I prefer has about 1/3 of the pages devoted to culture and harvest and storage, and the rest to stock, ordering, and staff. That's pretty good.


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