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Drippin' Honey Asian Pear

10 years ago

I went to my local wholesale grower today to pick up some peach trees (3'-4' trees for $5 each! Bought Contender, Carolina Gold and China Pearl). While there, I was asking about some of the other trees they grow, including Asian pears. He mentioned the usuals, but the last one he mentioned was "Drippin' Honey". I'd never heard of it. I thought maybe it was just a catchy marketing name for a common Asian like Shinko, but he assured me that it was a unique variety.

It appears to be sold by only a couple of retailers, one being Gurney's. Their description seems too good to be true, part of which states, "The easiest care pear you can grow, Drippin' Honey has few problems with pests or disease, and requires very little to no spraying".

Anyway, it was only $7.50 for a 5+ ft tree. I figure at that price I wouldn't be out much even if it turned out to be a dud.

Is anyone else familiar with this variety of Asian pear? Has anyone tasted it?

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