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New Piglet. I'm in trouble.

16 years ago

Hi all. Well, I went out to get our first piglet to raise for food. It was (supposedly) 4 weeks old. Looks more like 6 to me. Pretty big for 4. Anyhow, it is REALLY cute! Red and white with a few black spots. And whats worse is IT LIKES ME!!!! Oh no. So yeh, I have fallen in love with next years dinner! It comes in the house and goes outside to potty. Yes, it is potty trained. Man they are smart! Follows me everywhere and throws a fit if I am not in sight. It sleeps outside at night with my dog (German Shepherd) which has taken to mothering it. This is a dog who has NEVER once slept in her doghouse. Not even in the middle of freezing rain. But now all the sudden she is in there constantly so she can snuggle with the pig and keep it warm. And she even tries to nurse it. And the pig tries to nurse!!! I think she had a false pregnancy this last heat she was in. So maybe thats why she has taken to the pig so well. Who woulda thought? The pig still wont eat its pig starter unless I mix in some warm water and some of my daughters pedia light (vanilla flavored). But as long as I do that its eating great. Its a "pig". lol Trying to teach it that nipping is not ok. It is all play and doesnt hurt now. But I know it will hurt when it gets bigger teeth! Might as well teach it NO now. Anyhow, I am freaking out now. I am in love with this pig. How will I be able to butcher it next year????! Anyone else ever have this problem?????? Or am I just WEIRD? lol

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