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Headache after B12

January 29, 2008

I tried taking Vit B12 at the recommendation of my acupuncture therapist. Well within 45 minutes of taking the first dose I got a terrible pounding headache. Has anyone else had this type of reaction to B12?

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  • ghoghunter

    To The Herbalist2012 and KK1515 you have taken my perfectly good message thread about migraines and turned it into a shouting match between children. Please go write each other hateful e-mails and get off this message thread!

  • theherbalist2012

    But mom, she started it.

  • kk1515

    i'm with you ghoghunter!

  • theherbalist2012


    Your problem is that you're not humble enough to learn from a professional who has more knowledge and experience than you.

    Shame on you.

    Ghoghunter, please let us know how kk's information helped your migraines. Be careful. Her suggestion is not a balanced formula. The energies may damn up and create other problems.


  • kk1515

    i apologize to all on this forum for my part in this mess with dr. charlie. i should have known better to engage him based on his history on other forums.

    i reported the problem yesterday morning to tracey, this forum adminisitrator.

    it could have been fun, lots of nice folks here with good info to share, thanks for the good reads.


  • mnguy23

    Really? Wow, I found this thread because I was actually trying to figure out if b12 was giving me headaches. Instead I wasted time reading through some stupid arguments.

    To "the herbalist, the herbal physician, Charlie, or what ever you want to be called... Shut up!!! This thread was supposed to answer questions and help people who are seeking answers to a problem, not your ego boosting battleground! I feel very bad for KK, who was simply trying to help out Joann, others, and I and give us some answers instead of "You wont like my answer" wtf kind of response is that??? How do you know he won't like it? Their is no reason for you to be asking KK questions regarding individual paitients and treatment options and healing times, that is very irresponsible. Yes your paItient got better in 3 weeks, apparently ( I really wouldn't believe a whole lot you say anyways) but those are individual results. As KK was trying to to say, everyone is different and has different responses to various treatments. I really don't want to waste anymore time and brain power on you and this subject, it's not worth it. Simply keep ur comments to yourself next time and focus on the questions and helping people find the answers, and remember not every question or problem has one right answer.

    Back to the subject, I started taking b12 supplements 4 or 5 ago, they are 1000 mcg. I took them to help boost my energy, due to the fact that I have had a lack of it lately. Yesterday shortly after I took the b12 I started to get a sharp headache right behind my left eye, and it got worse through out the day. It was. Dry sensitive to light and movement (when I moved my yes) I also wear glasses and I took them off for most of the day, but it kept getting worse. I then took a nap but It was still there after the nap. I then went to bed last night thinking it would be gone, but upon waking up, it is still there. It is very weird because I very rarely get headaches. Almost never, i can't even remember the last one I had! I tried to think of anything I did different and the only thing I did was start the b12.

    I don't know if the type of headache is similar to anyone else's (behind the eye) but its very painful and annoying. The reason I took it is for lack of energy and motivation. I am taking anti-depressants, I also take a multi vitamin every day.If anyone has any insight (other than "the herbalist, the herbal physician, and/or Charlie") on how to help increase my energy and motivation, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • ghoghunter

    Well it sounds to me like you are sensitive to the B12 like I was and should not take it. I'm not sure about taking B12 for an energy boost either but having such a painful headache will surely not improve your energy level! Sure hope you feel better soon.

  • infinitus

    I've been searching for a cyanocobalamin B12 supplement without sugars and magnesium stearate or stearic acid. My wife is very ill and she is sensitive to these ingredients.

    If you have knowledge of such a product please post a link or any information that could help.

    These are the ingredients my wife is allergic to:

    magnesium stearate (all forms)
    stearic acid (all forms)
    Rice based fillers
    Milk/Dairy based fillers

    My wife's B-12 deficiency is exhibiting symptoms so any help is greatly appreciated.


  • rusty_blackhaw

    If there's a B12 deficiency confirmed by blood tests and it can't be fixed through diet, vitamin supplements can help. Make sure they have GMP certification (many vitamin products don't meet standards for potency).

    BTW, the odds of being allergic to everything you describe is extremely low.

  • infinitus

    My wife suffers from a gastrointestinal sensitivity that makes her sensitive to most medications and additives and very many foods.

    I have searched the internet and found that the GNC brand of B-12 supplements contain no stearic acid or magnesium stearate however they do contain calcium carbonate which is unacceptable for my wife's sensitivities (however, most normal healthy people can tolerate it.)

    GNC products are the purest I have found so far. My search continues and I will keep you updated.

  • ghoghunter

    Infinitus..there are so many delicious foods that are high in B12 maybe your wife should try eating more of them...then she wouldn't have the worry about artificial additives and such. Things like clams , mussells , oysters,caviar and even lobster and crab are all foods high in B12. If she can't tolerate seafood then all the meats are good as well.

  • kaliaman


    your wife can certainly display allergenic symptoms to everything you mentioned and more if she has a leaky gut. in fact, these folks usually do present with an overwhelming number of apparent allergens. the good news is there is a lot that can be done about it. herbal teas containing mild vulnerary (wound healing) and nervine herbs, probiotic therapy, an amended diet for awhile, soothing of systemic inflammation, certain supplements etc. can all be helpful. my suggestion would be for her to see a naturopath or herbalist trained in nutrition and digestive disorders.

    by chance does your wife have a history of antibiotic use?

    best wishes for her healing, kali

  • Raw_Nature

    If you truly want to get healthy, check out "Dr Robert Morse N.D" YouTube.
    He is a naturopathic doctor in port Charlotte florida. He saved hundreds of thousands of peoples lifes through raw foods.. Alkalization is the key to detoxification! Stay healthy

  • rusty_blackhaw

    Your body maintains pH in a very narrow range through normal homeostatic mechanisms which primarily involve lung and kidney function. Normal blood/organ pH is slightly alkaline at about 7.4. You can't "alkalize" your body through diet, raw or cooked, and significant changes in acidity/alkalinity are seen only in serious illness.

    As for "detoxification", anyone promoting this concept is apt to be selling some kind of useless product. Questions to ask are 1) what are the "toxins" that are supposedly causing harm, 2) are these substances present in amounts sufficient to cause disease, 3) what's the evidence that the product (or diet) reduces levels of these substances in the body, and 4) if so, what evidence is there that you'll be healthier as a result.

    I've yet to see a naturopath or other "detoxification" promoter willing and able to answer these questions.

    Here is a link that might be useful: acid-base balance explained

  • Raw_Nature

    Eric oh:

    Blood is only a quarter of the fluid in our body, the other 75% is lymphatic fluid... Before you jump conclusions why don't you research this man I'm talking about, everyone so used to snake oil that everyone is so closed minded nobody listens to the truth! Our body is made up if cells and two major fluids blood and lymphatic fluid. The blood feeds the cells the lymphatic fluid cleans the cells, this waste is called metabolic interstitial waste, this waste is eliminated via urination,defication,persperation, and respiration. Our body is alkaline by design and acidic by function. You are correct in that are blood is slightly alkaline, so is the rest of our body. But, our waste whether it be from activity(lactic acid,etc) or from eating(metabolic,etc) is acidic. If the lymphatic system gets clogged(from poor diet, antibiotics,etc, don't have time to get into that now...) this acid byproduct(waste) is stuck in our body(interstitial lymphatic constipation). When you pop a pimple, you see 25% blood and 75% lymph fluid.... To say you cannot alkalize through diet is ridiculous. Research Dr Morse, Arnold arhet, tc fri, dr shelton. That is when the first true naturopathy started... Hope u find the truth.


  • rusty_blackhaw

    That's one heck of a lot of misunderstanding of human physiology for a single post.

    Lymphatic fluid does not "clean cells" in the manner you suggest, it does not get clogged by diet or antibiotics, and its acid-base balance is maintained by natural buffering mechanisms similar to those at work in blood plasma - you don't need special diets or supplements to maintain a healthy pH in lymph, plasma or other extracellular fluids..

    What this has to do with possible association between vitamin B12 and headaches is a mystery.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Lymphatics and immune system function

  • Raw_Nature

    Hopefully this link would clear up any misconceptions...

    Here is a link that might be useful: Understanding the Lymphatic system

  • rusty_blackhaw

    Morse can make any claims he wants (like curing 95% of cancers). He can italicize lots of words and underline for emphasis, while conjuring up fantasies about human physiology, but he still doesn't know what he's talking about.

    The bogus miracle cure promoters and supplement salesmen could benefit tremendously from a simple community college course in human physiology, if they were willing to give up their cherished misconceptions.

  • Raw_Nature

    He has multiple degrees other than naturopathy... His bogus claims seems to be working... What dont you agree with in his article? Does it not make sense? To much sense you dont want to believe it? Truth will always come out on top...


  • gordonwaynewatts

    Well, I did a Google search on "Vitamin B12" and "overdose" and "headache" -- guess why? Yep: I got a splitting headache RIGHT AFTER I took about 2.4mg (2,400 mcg) of Cyanocobalamin. (It was sub-lingual liquid, and I put it under my tongue, but for 2 minutes (120-seconds), instead of the 30-second time suggested on the package.) However, since this was not the methylated version of B12 (just the regular type), --and because I have ALWAYS read that there is NO known overdoes (including my own doctor's advice), I took some because a friend told me that HE had a great increase in energy.

    -- I see this thread was started on Tue, Jan 29, 08 at 10:03, and it is now about 12:53am EST, Friday, 06 September 2013 -- and the thread is STILL GOING! Wow! Lot's of people got surprised... Anyhow, it was about 10:48m, when I took this B12 supplement --

    I think that the methylated version can cross the brain-blood barrier better (or perhaps some barrier in the stomach) -- In any case, I've read that the methylated version is absorbed better (not sure exactly how, but the methyl group is non-polar, making it more easily dissolved & mixed into fatty & other non-polar liquids.)

    From 10:48pm, until 12:56am, is about 2 hours and 8 minutes, so far --- my headache seems to be getting a little bit better -but, after having read the other comments that the headache can last like a day or so more, I am "concerned," and hope to bookmark this thread on GardenWeb and check back for more input.

    Also, cyanocobalamin is the "slightly" toxic (cyanide) version of the molecule. The methylated version is better, as you don't tax your liver to remove the cyanide anion (using up methyl groups as well). I've linked one 'Natural News' article -you can Google the rest -or take my word on it.


    Here is a link that might be useful: Vitamin B-12 warning: Avoid cyanocobalamin, take only methylcobalamin Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/032766_cyanocobalamin_vitamin_B-12.html

    This post was edited by GordonWayneWatts on Fri, Sep 6, 13 at 1:18

  • gordonwaynewatts

    Update: Nearly 24 hours (and several NSAID's) later(*), I am feeling better -and much wiser!

    (*) It's about 8:28pm, Friday 06 September 2013, as I write, and I had a bad (but not horrible) headache after I woke up, and decided to take 1 Goody's powder (Acetaminophen 260mg, which is about half of your 500mg standard tablet; Aspirin 520mg, which is a little bigger than your 'standard' 325mg Aspirin tablet; Caffeine 32.5 mg, about the same amount of caffeine as a 12-oz Coca Cola, which has 34mg) --and 1 Advil (200mg of Ibuprofen), and 1 Equate (220mg of Naproxen Sodium).

    Oh, and I had a lot of liquids and bed-rest. (Liquids, especially water, are often touted as a 'natural' cure for headaches, and bed-rest goes without saying.)

    Moral of the Story: Chill out on the B-12, especially sub-lingual type. Also, methyl version of cobalamin (V-B12) is a little bit better than Cyano version.

    Still a bit sluggish, but not nearly as bad as last night.



    PS: I linked 1 of my research mirrors below - here is the other: http://GordonWayneWatts.com/consumer.html

    Here is a link that might be useful: My NON-PROFIT health/diet/cancer research page

  • VBahne

    one question - I have been taking 1000 mcg B12 for 4 weeks now (due to low level) and for 2 weeks I have had strong and very strange headache (forehead, but also neck). I usually never have headaches so really disturbing.
    I now learned I am not alone with this.
    Does anyone know how long it takes to get rid of the pain? I stopped taking the pills yesterday but still no improvement.


  • kaliaman

    it's common for b12 to cause headaches. this vitamin is a vaso dilator so improves blood flow to the head considerably. when the blood is flowing to the head more quickly than it drains headache can ensue. see kk1515's post on this above for recommendations. and good luck.

  • rusty_blackhaw

    Actually, the B vitamin that has a marked vasodilator effect is niacin (vitamin B3). Vitamin B12 doesn't significantly affect blood flow.

    In a small minority of people B12 can be a cause of headache, like many other supplements and drugs, but this is uncommon and shouldn't occur after stopping the vitamin (note that B12 deficiency can cause headache, as well as other neurologic signs and symptoms).

    Here is a link that might be useful: fact sheet on B12

    This post was edited by eric_oh on Tue, Apr 8, 14 at 13:24

  • kaliaman

    eric_oh's post demonstrates perfectly the poorly inadequate level of nutritional training physicians in this country receive. only an average of 19 hours during their years in med school per harvard medical school's website. i say let's cut him some slack, he really doesn't know any better.

    b12 is a vasodilator, headaches with it are common. kk1515 gave the best recommendations further up in this thread. hope you figure this out and feel better soon!

  • JoppaRich

    Why are you taking medical advice from your acupuncturist?

  • gordonwaynewatts

    Dear VBahne:

    Regarding your question, "Does anyone know how long it takes to get rid of the pain? I stopped taking the pills yesterday but still no improvement."

    Two things:

    #1 - B12 (like most or all B-vitamins) is water-soluble, which means it passes through the system more quickly(probably hours or days) than fat-soluble stuff.

    #2 - Seeing my old post above, I seem to have felt "somewhat" better after about 24-hours, and some over-the-counter NSAID's (painkillers, like Aspirin, Acetaminophen, --and a few others - scroll above to see details).

    Conclusion: You're lucky (or, to be more accurate, blesses), and you'll probably feel better by the time you come across our replies (or shortly thereafter), but as you've been taking them for a few weeks (and not a "one-time" instance like myself), then it may take a little longer.

    Best luck, skill, blessings, and success!

    Gordon Wayne Watts in Lakeland (between Tampa & Orlando)

    Here is a link that might be useful: A reprise of my prior link: Very useful -and ACTUAL science on a non-B12, but still related, topic

  • rusty_blackhaw

    Vitamin B12-is-a-vasodilator-because-I-say-it-is fails at being convincing.

    And all too often, the spiel about doctors having "an inadequate level of nutritional training" really means "doctors don't buy into my mistaken beliefs about nutrition".

    B12 has important functions in the body (including red blood cell production and neurologic function) but unfortunately, dosing people to improve blood flow through vasodilatation hasn't worked out.

  • SaraMcD

    Headaches after taking B12 (cyanocobalamin) are likely due to your body not dealing well with the preservative in this form of B12 which is cyanide.
    I was found to be B12 deficient a few years ago (was tired all the time, brain fogs, tremors, slight headaches, etc). My doctor gave me weekly B12 injections for 10 weeks. Over those 10 weeks I developed migraines- something I had never had before. I thought it was due to the B12 deficiency. My B12 levels went up, but only slightly - barely making it above the minimum threshold.
    After researching online and speaking to various pharmacists, I discovered B12 methylcobalamin which is the pure form of B12 (the one used in Asia and parts of Europe). Since I started on that, my headaches disappeared.
    I recently drank a flavored water and got that old headache back (although not as intense). I looked at the label and sure enough - B12 cynacobolamin. Unfortunately, most oral forms of B12 have the cyanide preservative.

  • rusty_blackhaw

    It's extremely unlikely that any side effects from B12 supplementation are due to the cyano group in cyanocobalamin (the most common and stable form of B12 available commercially). The amount of cyanide produced in the body is very tiny (actually, there is a tiny amount of cyanide at all times in everyone's body as a byproduct of metabolism) and shouldn't cause symptoms.

    The only supplement I'm aware of that does pose a cyanide poisoning risk is laetrile, a long-debunked cancer remedy that is still sold over the Internet.

  • SaraMcD

    Actually headaches can be a rare side effect of this form of B12. It is not "poisoning" per se, it is just an allergic reaction that some people have. I don't know how else to explain the difference in my reactions to cynacobalamin vs methylcobalamin shots. Once, very recently, my husband mistakenly gave me the wrong shot (he takes the regular B12) without either of us realizing it. Within 30 minutes I had a horrible migraine which I couldn't figure out until we walked through what bottle he used to give me the shot from. I had to call off work, it was so bad. I do not get any headaches from methylcobalamin which I now take monthly.

  • EricRN

    I love forums. Why? Because you get real people talking about actual experiences they have had or are having. It's like product ratings.
    As a registered nurse for almost 15 years in the intensive care I can tell you that doctors certainly do NOT know everything even though they like to think they do. Nutrition is certainly not one of their strong points. Why do you think hospitals hire full time registered dieticians?
    I'm not doctor bashing by the way, just saying that we are all human and don't know everything.
    Anyway, forums are a wonderful repository of first hand experiences, which is why I'm writing on this forum now. Once you get so many people together who are describing the exact same things then it should be obvious that it is an actual problem at least for some poeple. The human body is so incredibly complex that we can't even begin to pretend that we know all of its workings and how things will effect each individual. It just irks me when so called "medical professionals" like doctors try to tell people that their personal experiences are wrong.
    So... with that being said, I will share my personal experience with taking Vit B12. I am a very healthy and fit vegan. I have never had any health problems what-so-ever. I have never had any typical symptoms of B12 deficiency. Recently I watched a very in depth and informative video about B12 deficiency and how vegans are some of the most affected by it. So naturally I decided to start taking B12 supplement since they say that you can't overdose on it. The very day I took the first supplement (small pink sublingual pill) I started having a tension type headache mostly located in my temples, behind my eyes and towards the top of my head. The next day of taking the B12 it got even worse to where I was slightly nauseated. Some people might wright this off as a coincidence but I know my body better than that. I NEVER get headaches unless I am sick...NEVER. I stopped taking the B12 and the headaches went away. So to answer the original question: YES, B12 CAN GIVE PEOPLE HEADACHES. It doesn't take a rocket scientist or a doctor to figure it out.
    I found many other forums with people describing this. I also found several medical websites that listed headache as one of the main side effects of the medication. We may not know the physiological causes behind the headache, but we do know that taking a B12 supplement can cause headaches. As I'm pretty sure I have a very healthy liver (been vegetarian all my life, never done any substances or drank a beer in my life), a "congested liver" probably has absolutely nothing to do with it.
    My guess (just a stab in the dark) would be that the headache is caused by a neurotransmitter imbalance that occurs when the body is flooded with B12 all of the sudden.
    So, that's my two bits. Hopefully somebody will find it helpful as I have found reading about other peoples experiences very helpful.

  • rusty_blackhaw

    ""Anyway, forums are a wonderful repository of first hand experiences, which is why I'm writing on this forum now. Once you get so many people together who are describing the exact same things then it should be obvious that it is an actual problem at least for some poeple."

    You can also find many people sharing experiences on the Internet about being abducted by aliens, or how chemtrails made them ill, or any number of demonstrably ludicrous and false things. So, "people shared their anecdotes online" is not a good indicator of validity.

    As I mentioned before, vitamin B12 can cause headaches in some people. Lack of vitamin B12 can also cause headaches in some people. The number of substances and other environmental factors that can cause headaches is encyclopedic. The number of headaches that occur coincidentally in people who do a variety of things is also voluminous. There may seem to be a correlation, but demonstrating cause-and-effect is often a different matter.

    Not falling into the error of assuming correlation = causation is (or at least should be) part of the training of every good health care professional.

  • eibren

    Scientific studies, which most of us depend upon, frequently do rely on statistical results.

    Well conducted scientific studies rely on carefully chosen random samples, however.

    There is also a proviso that, minus a hypothesis PRIOR to collecting the random sample, any unanticipated correlations not in support of the hypothesis would need a new study in order to be properly supported.

  • EricRN

    "You can also find many people sharing experiences on the Internet about being abducted by aliens, or how chemtrails made them ill, or any number of demonstrably ludicrous and false things. So, "people shared their anecdotes online" is not a good indicator of validity."

    Eric- Yes, but the many candid reportings of headache experienced soon after taking a specific substance is a far different matter than the lies and fanciful make-believe satire (such as alien abductions and chem trails) that people make up to get attention or because they're just plain crazy or strung out. Aren't chem trails real by the way ;)
    Your trying to compare apples and oranges. Two completely different types of data.
    Anyway, we both know that the medical profession has been highly corrupted by the big money of the pharmaceutical industries. Scientific medical pharmaceutical studies are unfortunately not immune to their influences either. If you don't believe it you are either very nieve or have either been under a rock.
    It's nice to have some untampered-real-people-data, non-biased for the most part, thats all I'm saying.

  • rusty_blackhaw

    It never fails to amaze me that some people will express profound skepticism of mainstream medical sources, but eagerly and unquestioningly believe random strangers on the Internet.*

    *not to mention having profound faith in alt med sites which profit from the sales of herbs and supplements they recommend.
    All that skepticism seems to go out the window when claims appeal to one's firmly held beliefs.

  • MommysBody

    3 weekends ago, I did 2 half marathons back to back, one Saturday and one Sunday. I was so wiped out and I have had an excruciating headache ever since. It's on the left backside of my head where it meets the top of neck. Chronic. I thought maybe it wasn’t a headache and I had pulled something in my neck from runs.
    Well, i knew the races would have worn me down, so I took a b-12 shot on Monday. I had a wicked headache the whole week. I lived on ibuprofen every 4 hours. Over the weekend, it would let up. I had wine over the weekend and even thought maybe alcohol was helping it. lol. And Monday, take the shot again. Chronic headache all week long, exact same place. I bought huge bottle of ibuprofen and started getting concerned I should have it looked at. I went to party this past Friday night and drank wine, no headache all weekend. Came to work today (Monday) and was a little afraid the headache would come back & thought maybe it was something in my office. because they are so bad all work week.
    So an hour ago, took my b-12 shot, tasted it in my mouth, and within 10 minutes, pounding headache. Always the same place - left, back of head/top of neck, almost radiates to the back of left eye.
    So the light went off and I googled it and found this forum of people claiming they get terrible headaches, and many of you mentioned left side of head, many the back head/neck area too. I am now whole heartedly convinced that this is NOT a coincidence. I am positive it's the B-12 (mine is cyanocobalamin, 1,000mcg/ml)

  • MommysBody

    And to clarify, I don't think the wine was "helping it" but i think by Friday, it had all cleared my system and I was in good shape for the weekend. I just happened to also drink wine. And then gave myself the shot, and the headache, again on Mondays.

  • rusty_blackhaw

    While some people think vitamin B12 is effective against "fatigue" or as an energy booster, that belief is not borne out by good evidence. Even if you're deficient in vitamin B12 for one of several reasons (such as malabsorption, diet (i.e. in strict vegans) or certain diseases), taking B12 is not going to give you a quick energy boost.

  • Janssen

    Someone suggested to take potassium supplements in case of "b12 causing headaches", which also happened to me.

    Tried potassium supplements, they are working fine right now. I keep popping some low-dose potassium pills during the day and i feel fine. No headaches.

    If you don't want to buy supplements, bananas are a natural source of potassium. I think it has more potassium than the pills themselves.

    Also: i don't intend to take high doses of B12 every single day, i'll cycle them.

  • Valeria Bennett

    I started a b12 for anxiety! Was on the first week felt awesome! The second week,started having headaches that turned into a severe migraine,with partial vision loss! So done!

  • Valeria Bennett

    I'm definitively do the pottasium,I always seem to get low pottasium! Working out with anxiety and staying stressed doesn't help!

  • wisteareia

    I wouldn't start taking anything without consulting with a physician first. My blood test showed that I was deficient in B vitamins so I have to get a B12 shot every 3 weeks, else I get migraines and occular auras, numb/tingling fingers, and fatigue. I also have to take a time-released B-100 pill every day. But that's because my body doesn't hold onto any of it, causing me to have to put it in constantly. If this isn't the case with you, then you might not need to be taking it. Always check with the doctor, and have them give your bloodwork an annual physical - that means every year!

  • strawchicago

    The natural approach is best. B12 is highest in clams, beef liver, and bone marrow. Google "benefits of bone-broth" and you'll see. I have the most wonderful sleep in my life, after a soup with bones. That's the logic for chicken soup when one has a cold. When bones are cooked for a long time in a slow-cooker, B12 is released, along with calcium, vitamin D (for bone), magnesium (for sleep & ease headache), and nutrients to help with joints and arthritis. B12 should be together with magnesium, as in bone-broth ... otherwise it's NOT BALANCED, and will cause headache.

  • rusty_blackhaw

    I did Google "benefits of bone broth" and found a bunch of dubious websites, but also one helpful article:


    Bones/marrow are not recognized as a good source of B12, nor are B12-containing foods likely to offer protection from headaches to those who are susceptible (it's probably more a matter of dosage in those instances).

  • Arjuna Fonseka

    Why not try this.

    I too had this terrible headache after taking B complex.

    I tried this and it worked,

    I took it without meals, and gulped down a lot of "saliva". Voila, no more headaches.

    "Saliva" seems to have a lot of stuff that aids digestion, so don't forget it.

    (If this works for you, please be kind to feedback and spread the news)

  • otisismydog

    I too like many others here decided to try B 12. Mine was liquid B 12 complex. I have tried it several times at first not linking the headache with me taking the supplement. Then when I did get a headache I thought it was coincidental. It is not coincidental 5 times. I got it within hours after taking it. It lasts the remainder of the day and into the next day. BAD HEADACHE! Throwing my bottle away. PS. I even tried dividing the dosage from a full dropper to drops. That's why I tried it so many times. I just can't take this stuff. Not sure what in it is triggering the headache but no thanks!!

  • Kathleen

    I get huge migraines from most B vitamin supplements. I have since I was ten yrs old. I wish someone could tell me why! Even synthetics give me migraines. It feels like an allergy reaction to me. I also get migraines from foods like honey, bee pollen, fermented foods and drink. I have a lot of food allergies and sensitivities. Yeast extractives and flavorings put in processed food. :(

  • Arjuna Fonseka

    Try this,

    Take Vitamin B Complex with fruits, (ex: a Banana). Also take Vitamin C and Vitamin E along with, which will help to digest it properly without any headache symptoms.

    "In fruits, we get not only B Complex, it's surrounded with other vitamins and minerals also. We don't get any headaches with eating fruits! So this is the natures way of making the B Complexes digested properly, so try the above"

  • John Flores

    I also get a headache from too much vitamin B12. Recently I got the same headache from ginkgo biloba. It works on the brain too. Even cutting it in half didn't help. I like the increased, mental activity and sharpness but not the head throb. In the absence of any objective scientific evidence about these food supplements, I agree with one person who wrote that the blood vessels, especially in the head, get enlarged and cause the headache.

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