15 years ago

Well, I had to check the dictionary to get the correct spelling for ~that~ one.

Anyway, I've been thinking for the past few minutes about how to write out weird sounds.

pfft is pretty common.

And 'bah', too.

But how do you write out that little half-kitty-meow sound you make, usually accompanied by a slight shrug of the shoulders, to indicate that something is insignificant?




Do I even need a 'y' in there?

I love onomatopoeia, you know I do, but it can be trying at times.

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  • jeffrey_harris
    15 years ago

    My Dear Ms. Fishies,

    Here in the Southwest, Dirty Buddy, giving credence that he's a direct descendant of Mexican jaguars, often ends his 'meyh' with an 'Aaaiii, Chico!'.

    A new term that I've come across, one that has Canadian roots, mind you, is 'horking'. Quite onomatopoeic, its definition is best exemplified by going to the link below:

    Here is a link that might be useful: {{gwi:64389}}

  • fishies
    Original Author
    15 years ago


    PS - is horking a verb or an adjective?

  • jeffrey_harris
    15 years ago

    Well, lovely language that English is, it can be both, to wit:

    See Clio graze on the lawn. Later, see Clio hork.

    If Clio is inside, Jeff must clean up the horking mess before the good ladies from Better Homes and Gardens come visiting.

  • pirate_girl
    15 years ago

    Eww & double ewwww to that pic. How anybody would take on a look like that ... well ...

    Funny eww when I saw the word 'horking', I could just tell what that'd be. What a yuckily precise picture you paint Jeff!

  • lunamoon
    15 years ago

    I usually think dreads look cool but that guy might want to reconsider his LOL

    Onomatapoeia is definately fun. Alliteration tends to be my favorite literary device though. :o)

  • fishies
    Original Author
    15 years ago

    Are you sure those are dreads? It looks more like an abandoned nest to me.

    I like onomatopoeia... but I think I may just like saying onomatopoeia, rather than the actual grammatical (or is it literary?) device itself.

    My second favourite lit device is pathetic fallacy. Especially when it's pathetically phallic.

  • tootswisc
    15 years ago

    I tend to feel a little stupid around you guys...but I always google things so if I remember what I looked up, I will appear smarter. Thats why I listen to NPR

    Here is a link that might be useful: {{gwi:64390}}

  • LibbyLiz
    15 years ago

    I thought it was a giant tarantula on his head!

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