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Fungus gnats destroying squash plants... Any hope of recovery??

14 years ago

My squash plants (1 zucchini, 1 yellow squash) were hit by fungus gnats about a month ago. Since then, I have used store-bought organic insecticide and also tried home remedies (soap + water mix) - which helped to a degree but certainly did not eradicate the problem. I also trim away dead debris so the gnats have less to feed on.

Also noticed that there were no male blooms and thought that was maybe why they weren't growing beyond 2 inches or so before shriveling up.

Therefore I bought an additional 3 zucchini plants from a local nursery, as they had male flowers. However, since transplanting them, I've only hand-pollinated twice (to no avail) and now notice 1) the gnats have made their way to these plants as well, and 2) there are no longer male blooms coming from the new zucchini plants.

So, there are no sign of male blooms on *any* of my squash plants (perhaps eaten by those pesky fungus gnats??!) and any fruit that emerges does not grow beyond a couple inches.

Is there any hope of reviving these babies or is it best to restart next growing season?

I should also note that the plants are all in separate containers (5 gals)

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